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The Architecture of Bart Prince
Christopher Curtis Mead
May 1999
David De Long, professor of architecture, University of Pennsylvania
Bart Prince may be the most creative architect practicing in America today. . . . Mead provides the thoughtful, well-reasoned analysis necessary to understand this work.

Book Description
The only book on the exuberant work of a uniquely original American architect. Bart Prince, whose breathtaking buildings stand from Ohio to Hawaii, is recognized internationally for embodying the American tradition of individualism personified by Louis Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Bruce Goff. This study of Prince and his architecture as an open-ended process of cultural discovery and experimentation shifts attention from theoretical abstractions like organicism to what Prince believes to be architecture's proper subject: the experience...

Goff on Goff
Philip B. Welch
Nov 1996

The Louisville Guide
Gregory A. Luhan
June 2004
Book Description
Louisville is one of the overlooked gems of American architecture, a city of Southern charm and grace with a catalog of buildings by such masters as K.H. Burnham, Bruce Goff, and Herb Greene. An important destination for people interested in everything from colonial to postmodern architecture, this riverfront city is historically rich, while being beautifully planned with a boulevard and park system designed by Frederick Law Olmsted. The Louisville Guide takes readers on a journey through the city, describing its most notable buildings while providing a complete overview of its architectural history. Essays by Louisville scholars Grady Clay and Edie Bingham add color and life to the story of the city and its makers. From Carrere and Hastings's Memorial Hall to Michael Graves's Humana Building, The Louisville Guide...

Outside the Pale: The Architecture of Fay Jones
Euine Fay Jones
September 2003

Process and Expression in Architectural Form
Gunnar Birkerts
August 1994

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