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Albrecht Altdorfer and the Origins of Landscape
Christopher S. Wood
Dec 1993
Book Description
In the early sixteenth century, almost without warning, Albrecht Altdorfer promoted landscape from its traditionally supplementary role to the center of the picture field. Christopher S. Wood shows how Altdorfer (c. 1480-1538) transformed what had been the mere setting for sacred and historical figures into a principal venue for stylish draftsmanship and idiosyncratic painterly effects.

Art in the Making: Underdrawings in Renaissance Paintings
David Bomford (Editor)
December 2002
Book Description
Preliminary drawings beneath the surface layers of a painting can often be made visible by a technique called infra-red reflectography. The fascinating revelations of such underdrawings are always a source of important material for art history, leading to deductions about attribution, style, changes in composition, and workshop practices. This accessible book presents the results of pioneering research on the underdrawings of fifteenth- and sixteenth-century paintings by conservation, scientific, and curatorial staff at the National Gallery in London. The contributors to the book explain the techniques of infra-red photography and reflectography and discuss the materials and technical findings of underdrawings in paintings of the Renaissance period. Also included in the book are detailed entries on the underdrawings...

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