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Moment of Self-Portraiture in German Renaissance Art
Joseph Leo Koerner
February 1997
Textbook Paperback
Book Description
In this groundbreaking and elegantly written study, Joseph Koerner
establishes the character of Renaissance art in Germany. Opening up new
modes of inquiry for historians of art and early modern Europe, Koerner
examines how artists such as Albrecht Durer and Hans Baldung Grien
reflected in their masterworks the changing status of the self in
sixteenth-century Germany.

"[A] dazzling book. . . . He has turned out one of the most powerful, as
well as one of the most ambitious, art-historical works of the last
decade." --Anthony Grafton, New Republic

"Rich and splendid. . . . Joseph Koerner's book is a dazzling display of
scholarship, enfolding Durer's artistic achievement within the broader
issues of self and salvation, and like [Durer's] great...

German Master Drawings from the Koenigs Collection: Return of a Lost Treasure
Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
March 2005
Book Description
This publication presents 139 drawings and 3 prints from a recently rediscovered portion of the Koenigs Collection--one of the world's most important pre-war private collections of drawings, assembled in 1920-1930 by the Haarlem-based art collector Franz Koenigs (1881-1941). In 1940, part of the collection illegally came into the hands of German occupiers, and after WWII ended, they were taken by the Red Army as spoils, then rediscovered in the Pushkin Museum in Moscow in 1993. The 142 images reproduced here (50 of which have never before been published) have now been reunited with the greater part of the Koenigs Collection. Includes works by old masters: Jost Amman, Sebald Beham, Lucas Cranach, Hans Holbein the Elder and the Younger, Hans Baldung Grien, Adam Elsheimer, Wolf Huber, Augustin Hirschvogel, and others. In...

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