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Chronicle of Impressionism: An Intimate Diary of the Lives and World of the Great Artists
Bernard Denvir
September 2000
Times Literary Supplement
Denvir's book is an intriguing potpourri, its juxtapositions of events often surprising.

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A richly detailed sourcebook captures the cultural and political atmosphere in which Impressionism flourished.

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Dianne W. Pitman
Aug 1998
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Studio companion of Monet and Renoir, protege of Courbet, and friend of Manet, Frederic Bazille (1841-1870) is more often remembered for the financial assistance he provided to future Impressionists than for his own vivid and often unsettling work. In this first complete book in English devoted to Bazille, Dianne Pitman seeks to situate this often overlooked artist within the complex and contradictory art world of the 1860s. In the process, she greatly refines our understanding of the modernist tradition.

Readings in Linguistics I and II
Eric P. Hamp (Editor)
May 1995
Book Description
This volume, consisting of nineteen articles from Readings in Linguistics I and twenty articles from Readings in Linguistics II, constitutes an invaluable collection of papers in English, German, and French on subjects of continuing interest to linguists of all schools. Complete with a new preface explaining the editors' principles of selection and bibliographical citations, Readings in Linguistics I & II includes the influential work of Bloomfield, Trubetzkoy, Firth, Harris, and Kurylowicz, as well as important but less accessible articles by Vachek, Bazell, Chao, Fischer-Jorgensen, and Tesniere.

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