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Letters of Gustave Courbet
Gustave Courbet
March 1992
From Publishers Weekly
Containing all of Gustave Courbet's (1819-1877) known letters--more than 600--this massive volume explodes the notion of the artist as a naive provincial, an image he himself constructed and carefully nurtured. Full of pithy remarks, colorful descriptions and cultural allusions, the correspondence reveals the French realist painter as an ambitious self-promoter who craved material success and was keenly aware of the artist's precarious status in a market-driven economy. Among Courbet's correspondents were Baudelaire, Monet, Hugo and anarchist Pierre-Joseph Proudhon. Reflecting his development from spoiled teenager to symbol of political resistance, these energetic, offhand letters express Courbet's defiance of authority in all forms, his hatred of imperialism, his tweaking of the art establishment, participation...

Gustave Courbet: A Biography
Gerstle Mack
August 1989

Courbet, Gustave
Patrick Bade
January 2005

James Henry Henry Rubin
May 1997

Courbet and the Modern Landscape
Mary G. Morton
February 2006
Book Description
With its fittingly dramatic design, Courbet and the Modern Landscape accompanies the first major museum exhibition specifically to address Gustave Courbet's extraordinary achievement in landscape painting. Many of these carefully selected works produced from 1855 to 1876--gathered from Asia,
Europe, and North America--will be new to readers.
The catalogue--which accompanies an exhibition at the Getty Museum to be held from February 21 to May 14, 2006--highlights the artist's expressive responses to the natural environment. Essays by the curators examine Courbet's distinctly modern practice of landscape painting. Mary Morton's essay
situates his landscapes in relation to his work in other genres, his critical reputation, and his role in establishing a new pictorial language for landscape painting. Charlotte...

Image of the People: Gustave Courbet and the 1848 Revolution
T. J. Clark
April 1999
Textbook Paperback
New York Times Book Review
"Clark has rethought the problems posed by the social history of art. . . . He is a writer who evidently loves painting, a subtle and witty reader of texts and pictures, a critic both modest and daring."

Book Description
When Image of the People and its companion volume, The Absolute Bourgeois, appeared in 1973, they signaled a new direction for writing about art. "The book's success is crucial," wrote Michael Rosenthal, "because there are few models for this type of study, and it is of necessity pioneering." New Left Review said the book's great merit was that "it elucidates a number of crucial theoretical problems through the concrete analysis of a concrete situation. To the eternal--and false--question: 'What is revolutionary art?' Clark...

Gustave Courbet's `Les Casseurs de Pierres': Aspects of a Major Work of Art
Ivind Foss
December 1989
Language Notes
Text: Danish (translation)
Original Language: Norwegian

Paris (Art/Shop/Eat Series)
Delia Gray-Durant
March 2004
Book Description
Art on the brain? Plan your visits to the world's great cities with Art/Shop/Eat. The best museum and gallery districts mapped out for the busy traveler—with tips on the hottest dining and most fashionable shopping for the perfect day in town. In a handy format with full color maps, these are terrific guides for discovering the finest that each of these cities has to offer. Contemplate Gustave Courbet at the Musee d'Orsay • set out for lunch at Alcazar • find a fantastic pair of shoes at Miu Miu on rue du Cherche Midi.

Nineteenth-Century European Art
Petra Ten Doesschate Ten-Doesschate Chu
January 2003
Book Description
This refreshingly direct study addresses 19th-century European art along with the forces that informed it. After introducing historical events and cultural and artistic trends from about 1760 that would exert their influence well into the new century, author Petra ten-Doesschate Chu discusses the advent of Modernism and its many interpretations. She considers the changing relationship between artist and audience; evolving attitudes toward the depiction of nature; and the confrontation of European artists with non-Western art due to expanding trade and travel. An impressive 550 illustrations-200 in full color-illustrate her themes.

Incidents from individual artists' lives enrich the reader's understanding of the art, as do sidebars that focus on specific works, techniques, or historical circumstances. Although...

Cosmos: From Romanticism to Avant-Garde, 1801-2001
Jean Clair (Editor)
June 1998
From Library Journal
Suggestive of an old-fashioned cabinet of curiosities, this miscellany of 375 paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, books, maps, scientific instruments, astronaut gear, and natural objects (fossils, seashells, and meteorites) are solemnly assembled to explore how science's viscous frontiers have been interpreted by artists in the last two centuries. The ambitious catalog, which accompanies a millennium exhibition in Montreal and Barcelona, is divided into six sprawling sectionsAall of which might have worked better as more focused separate shows. Combining American manifest destiny with Polar exploration, moonscapes, current interstellar constructs, and imaginary cosmologies will tax even the most science-steeped reader. Works are described in detail, and artists receive short biographies and bibliographies....

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