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Nicholas Royle
June 2005
Book Description

"Whether Antwerp is a literate thriller or thrilling literature or-most likely-a combination of both, among other things it's an irresistible meditation on the movies and all the memories and madness they evoke and inspire. Nicholas Royle is a novelist for our time."-Steve Erickson

An independent US director, Johnny Vos, is making a low-budget biopic about the Belgian surrealist artist Paul Delvaux. When two prostitutes end up murdered, English film critic Frank Warner, in town to interview Vos, turns investigative journalist and becomes personally involved when his own girlfriend goes missing.

Macabre and erotic, Antwerp is an exceptional literary thriller.

Nicholas Royle was born in 1963 in Manchester, England, where he now lives. He is the author of four novels, including The...

Paul Delvaux
David Scott
June 1997
Book Description
This book is the first on Paul Delvaux to be written in English. David Scott looks at the artist's works from the 1930s onwards and examines how his surrealist dreamlike paintings, depicting scenes of erotic nudes in classical landscapes, showed influences from both the tradition of European figurative painting and twentieth-century Surrealism.

El lenguaje de la pasion (The Language of Passion)
Mario Vargas Llosa
October 2002
Mass Market Paperback
From Publishers Weekly
Peruvian author Vargas Llosa is one of the most prolific writers of our time; his novels, essays, and journalistic pieces are released in a steady stream, never seeming to suffer in quality. This latest volume collects his columns from the celebrated Spanish daily El Pais between the years 1992 and 2000. In his introduction, he explains that the title of the book is taken from a column that was written in homage to Mexican essayist Octavio Paz, "not because these texts have been written passionately or belligerently. The truth is that I write in the most dispassionate manner possible." As expected, he takes on a variety of literary and political topics from the economic theorist George Soros to the painter Frida Kahlo and the cults of Reverend Moon and Scientology. He provides a balanced discussion...

Surrealism and After: The Gabrielle Keiller Collection
Elizabeth Cowling
July 1997

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