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Giambologna: Narrator of the Catholic Reformation
Mary Weitzel Gibbons
December 1994
Book Description
Arguably the pre-eminent European sculptor of his age, but historically considered little more than the facile court sculptor to the grand dukes of Florence, Giambologna played a major role in the artistic transformations of the late sixteenth century. Mary Weitzel Gibbons seeks to broaden our hitherto limited view of Giambologna's work by considering his neglected Genoese masterpiece, the Grimaldi Chapel. Although the chapel itself was destroyed during the Napoleonic period, its dazzling bronzes of Virtues and angel-putti and a Passion cycle in relief have survived. The fine detail and rich color of the bronzes are featured in color plates and black-and-white images photographed especially for this book.
Gibbons reassesses Giambologna's work, clearly defining his relation to the narrative tradition and his role as...

Charles Avery
January 1994
From Publishers Weekly
Imagine a late Renaissance sculptor who could do religious scenes with the epic grandeur of Michelangelo and then turn to extremely realistic animal figures or sensuous bronze female nudes. Giambologna (1529-1608), the quick, prolific court sculptor to Medici dukes, later a protege of Roman emperors and popes, is not well-known today though he rated a profile in Vasari's Lives. Born Jean Boulogne in what is now northern France, he migrated to Italy where he tried to break the impasse of Cellini's inbred mannerism with a sometimes glib style that drew on his earthy Flemish roots as much as it did on Greco-Roman antiques. Best known perhaps for his flying Mercury, Giambologna has a dramatic, fleshy style that seduces even when it is superficial. River-gods, allegories, reliefs and fountains are among the works...

Giambologna, 1529-1608: Sculptor to the Medici : an exhibition organised by the Arts Council of Great Britain and the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, ... Vienna 2 December 1978-28 January 1979


Giambologna: An exhibition of sculpture by the master and his followers, from the collection of Michael Hall, Esq. : Salander-O'Reilly Galleries, New York City
Giambologna (Author)


Giambologna: Narrator of the Catholic Reformation. : An article from: Renaissance Quarterly [HTML]
Malcolm Campbell
December 22, 1996

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Title: Giambologna: Narrator of the Catholic Reformation.
Author: Malcolm Campbell
Publication: Renaissance Quarterly (Refereed)
Date: December 22, 1996
Publisher: Renaissance Society of America
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Mary Weitzel Gibbons's study is one of a...

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