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Benozzo Gozzoli
Diane Cole Ahl
November 1996
From Library Journal
Was artist Benozzo Gozzoli an accomplished Quatrocento artist or a second-rate Fra Angelico? Thanks to this first comprehensive study of the artist in English in nearly a century, a verdict is possible. Ahl (art, Lafayette Coll.) consolidates ten years of fresh research into a lavishly illustrated, seminal work detailing Gozzoli's 60-year artistic career. Analysis of drawings, sinopie (red-pigmented fresco underdrawing), and historic documents portray Gozzoli as a prolific, talented artist who was widely commissioned. A full chapter is devoted to what is probably his most famous work, the "Procession of the Magi" frescoes at the Medici Palace in Florence. Restoration of this work in 1992 provided great opportunity for thorough examination of the artist's technique and style. Other restoration projects support the...

Marion Opitz
August 1998

Chapel of the Magi: The Frescoes of Benozzo Gozzoli
Christina Acidini A. Luchinat (Editor)
October 1994
From Publishers Weekly
The procession of the three Magi unfolds with a mixture of exotic, oriental splendor and stately, bourgeois respectability in the fresco cycle painted by Benozzo Gozzoli on the walls of the Medici family private chapel in Florence. Completed in 1459 and restored between 1988 and 1992, Gozzoli's popular frescoes set the divinely prophesied cavalcade of the Magi against a landscape strewn with allusions to the Last Judgment and contemporary Florence. Enlivened by dramatic juxtapositions of choirs of angels, hunting scenes, castles and Eden-like gardens with peacocks, the paintings incorporate 32 realistic portraits of Gozzoli's contemporaries, including his noble patrons, the Medici. Featuring 184 color plates with scores of close-ups, this lavish volume, edited by Italian art historian and restorationist Luchinat,...

Italian Frescoes: The Early Renaissance
Steffi Roettgen
November 1996
Chicago Tribune
"...brings home masterpieces that in some cases can only be seen with difficulty in out-of-the-way places."

Philadelphia Inquirer
"...captures the magnificence of religious painting through Roettgen's lucid text and magnificent color photographs by Antonio Quattrone."

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