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Clinical Neuroimmunology
Jack Antel
November 2005
From The New England Journal of Medicine, August 13, 1998
Neuroimmunology, a well-recognized subspecialty of neurology, deals with disorders with an immune-mediated component. This field has expanded tremendously in recent years. Unexpected immunologic features are being discovered in conditions as varied as Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy, and childhood movement disorders. Moreover, the explosion of new information in immunology and molecular biology has led to the development of novel immunomodulatory therapies. These are being refined to treat neurologic diseases and have become important components of modern therapeutics. Unfortunately, there have been no literate, up-to-date, and easily readable textbooks that explain this rapidly advancing field. At least, not until now. Clinical Neuroimmunology is the best textbook available on...

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