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The Metropolitan Museum of Art Can You Find It Outside : Search and Discover for Young Art Lovers
Jessica Schulte
October 2005
From Booklist
Gr. 2-4. Like the previous volumes by Judith Cressy in the Can You Find It? series, published in conjunction with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, this book has children look for specific items in a series of paintings. Unlike the previous volumes, in which a simple text on each spread lists things to pick out of the paintings, here rhymed couplets pose questions for children to answer. It would be easy to dismiss a book with rhymes like "Can you find it? Do you see? / A chicken perches by a tree. / Not so far, now look nearby / And see a horse who's staying dry. / Now get ready and get set / To find a wagon getting wet." On the other hand, it's hard to pass up a book with thirteen fine paintings that are accessible to children, beautifully reproduced, and (many of them) not often found in art books for young people. And...

American Scream: The Bill Hicks Story
Cynthia True
March 2002
From Library Journal
In 1993, not long after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, controversial comedian Hicks found his final, scathing appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman abruptly excised at network demand. Months later, at age 32, he was dead. Hicks's bitterly confrontational brand of comedy was not for everyone, but many were passionate about his work. Los Angeles-based journalist True here describes the evolution of Hicks's acerbic comedy standard, his many acquaintances inside and outside of the industry, his influences, and his tragic demise. True's accounts of the comedian's many adventures including his drug experimentation and booze binges, his explosive TV and concert appearances, and his volatile personal relationships are what make this book worthwhile, and Hicks's fans won't be disappointed. A number of...

2006 Kansas City Chiefs (NFL) Wall Calendar
John F Turner
June 2005
Wall Calendar

Edward Hicks: Painter of the Peaceable Kingdom
Alice Ford
November 1998

Radical Churchman: Edward Lee Hicks and the New Liberalism
Graham Neville
February 1999
Book Description
Edward Hicks was called a pro-Boer, a feminist, and three parts a pacifist. Asquith chose him for the bishopric of Lincoln after a long ministry in the slums of Salford and he stood out among the bishops of his time for his radical opinions. He supported the New Liberalism of the turn of the
century and was one of the few church leaders who welcomed the rise of the Labour Party. This study traces his life and influence amidst the social and political upheavals of the time.

Edward V: The Prince in the Tower
Michael A. Hicks
March 2004
“Eminently worth reading.”

Book Description
The first biography of the king whose fate remains one of the greatest mysteries in English history.

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Edward IV
M. A. Hicks
August 2004
Textbook Paperback
Book Description
Edward IV was the first Yorkist king. He ruled (with only a brief hiatus) for 22 years, ended the Wars of the Roses triumphantly in 1471, and died in his bed not invariably the place of death for a medieval monarch. The best general of his day, he destroyed the House of Lancaster. At a very
difficult time, he redeemed royal prestige at home and abroad, restored order and public finances, and crushed all his opponents, including his brother Clarence. His son Edward V, still a minor, succeeded him peacefully. Yet within months Edward was deposed in favour of Richard III, his uncle. The
Wars of the Roses resumed, Edward IV's sons met violent deaths, and so at Bosworth Field did the usurping Richard III. Assessment of Edward IV is inextricably bound up not only in the record of his reign, itself much disputed, but...

Vaudeville Humor: The Collected Jokes, Routines, and Skits of Ed Lowry
Ed Lowry
November 2002

The Diaries of Edward Lee Hicks Bishop of Lincoln 1910-1919
Graham Neville (Editor)
July 1993
This private diary offers a fascinating glimpse of the day-to-day life of a bishop in the early decades of the twentieth century... Illuminating and helpful...a very useful source for the history of the early twentieth-century Church of England. JOURNAL OF ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORY

Book Description
Bishop Edward Lee Hicks' diary offers an honest picture of the daily life of a bishop in the period immediately before and during the first world war, a portrait of church and society in a largely rural diocese in the last phase before the radical transformation which the `Great War' hastened. The diary presents a largely church-centred picture; but it is also valuable as a personal view of such matters as Lincolnshire social life including the impact of war on the county, conditions of travel...

Warwick the Kingmaker: Michael Hicks
Michael A. Hicks
September 1998
Book Description
Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, remains one of the most controversial personalities of fifteenth-century England. The archetypal over-mighty subject, he was the dominant figure in the dynastic revolutions at the heart of the fifteenth-century Wars of the Roses. Warwick played a pivotal role first in advancing the Yorkist cause, leading Edward IV to replace the Lancastrian Henry VI in 1461. Then, having lost influence at court, he changed sides and was reversed the process in 1470. Warwick "the Kingmaker" dominated national politics in his various roles as general, admiral, pirate, subaltern, administrator, politician, propagandist, statesman, and diplomat.This book illuminates Warwick's character and motivation, showing that he was an emotional, charming, and popular man with a strong sense of family loyalty. It is...

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