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Ferdinand Hodler: Landscapes
Tobia Bezzola (Editor)
March 2004
Book Description
Ferdinan Hodler, a Swiss painter who lived from 1853 to 1919, is one of the most important of the country's artists. His work, situated between Realism and Symbolism, was widely shown all over Europe, prefiguring Art Nouveau and Modernist abstraction. His landscape paintings remain the most vital part of his oeuvre, for they provided his field of experimentation and a medium of reflection in which he examined and revised his oeuvre's very conditions. This book presents 70 of his most beautiful and central landscape paintings in lavish color reproductions, thereby documenting the importance of landscapes in the creative development of this seminal European painter. In his first forays into the genre, Hodler was influenced by the late Romantics and French landscape painting. Later, he developed his own quietly monumental...

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