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William Holman Hunt
Judith Bronkhurst
Mar 2006
Book Description
William Holman Hunt was one of the three major artistic talents of the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood. Hunt’s work was always characterized by great seriousness of purpose, and his paintings include many of the most beautiful and powerful images of that midcentury explosion of creativity. This catalogue raisonée gives him the attention he deserves.

The book includes an introduction that assesses Hunt’s life and artistic practice and discusses his aims, philosophy, and religious beliefs, which shed light on his works. While many of his paintings, with their extraordinary effects of light and color, are immediately accessible, his mature works incorporate symbolism that cannot be fully understood without a detailed knowledge of his intentions, and the catalogue entries thoroughly explore this. The...

William Holman Hunt
Carol Jacobi
May 2006
Book Description
This is a fundamental reassessment of the work of William Holman Hunt, and the first critical text to reproduce his pictures in color and set him on an international stage. Lavishly illustrated and engagingly written, this book answers the longstanding lack of any monograph on Hunt and will make compelling reading for undergraduate and graduate students of History of Art, Victorian Studies, English Literature and Religious Studies, as well as curators, conservators and the artist’s many admirers.

William Rossetti's Art Criticism: The Search for Truth in Victorian Art
Julie L'Enfant
December 1998
Book Description
William Rossetti's Art Criticism examines the art criticism of William Michael Rossetti, an underrated member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and places it within the context of Victorian Culture. Drawing on many reviews never published in book form, this study establishes Rossetti as a major art critic and valuable source of information on the Victorian world.

About the Author
Julie L'Enfant is Assistant Professor at the College of Visual Arts in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Christopher Wood
June 2001
Book Description
Chart the rise and legacy of the Pre-Raphaelites and see how this most admired British art movement was born. Dozens of reproductions attest to these painters’ scrupulous attention to natural details: more than 40 artists are represented, including Dante Gabriel Rossetti, William Holman Hunt, John Everett Millais, Arthur Hughes, Edward Burne-Jones, John William Waterhouse, and Ford Maddox Brown.

The Art of the Pre-Raphaelites
Elizabeth Prettejohn
October 2000
From Booklist
As Prettejohn notes, so much has been written on those mid-nineteenth-century English art radicals, the Pre-Raphaelites, that some bookstores have separate sections to accommodate all the tomes about them. How could anything exciting remain to be said about them? Well, for many art lovers, what Prettejohn says will be pretty intriguing. She takes the extreme reactions to Pre-Raphaelite painting, then and now, seriously; looks again and more thoroughly at the meticulous realism, even lighting, clashing colors, and multiple foci in their paintings; and suggests a new story about the development of modern art, from Pre-Raphaelitism to symbolism to surrealism to pop art to postmodernism. If that doesn't pique art book readers' interest, perhaps Prettejohn's attention to the female Pre-Raphaelites, or her consideration of...

Black Victorians: Black People in British Art, 1800-1900
Jan Marsh (Editor)
November 2005

Delaware Art Museum: Selected Treasures
Staff of Scala Publishers
November 2003

The Great Age of British Watercolours
Selected by Andrew Wilton
October 1997
From Publishers Weekly
The ambitious subject matter, versatile brushwork and daring conceptions of watercolorists William Blake, Thomas Rowlandson, J.M.W. Turner, Samuel Palmer, David Cox, James Whistler and 81 other artists enliven this magificient album. It catalogues an exhibition that opened at London's Royal Academy and soon moves to the National Gallery in Washington, D.C. The standing stones seem to dance in John Constable's Stonehenge. One can find precursors of impressionism, expressionism, surrealism and abstraction among the 320 color plates and 60 black-and-white reproductions which, taken as a whole, alter one's view of British watercolor. Art historians Wilton and Lyles, both with London's Tate Gallery, ably trace the intellectual cross-currents of a peculiarly English movement that marked an unshackling of the...

Lewis Carroll, Photographer: The Princeton University Library Albums
Roger Taylor
February 2002
Joanna Pitman, The Times of London
A sumptuous new book.

Joanna Pitman The Times of London : A sumptuous new book.
Frederick Kaufman New York Times Book Review : [A] studied yet entirely accessible book.
Lyle Rexer Art in America : Above all, [Carroll] was a gifted, obsessive and dedicated photographer, one of the best that the medium's first century produced.

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Millais: Portraits
Peter Funnell
February 1999
Book Review
John Everett Millais is still thought of mostly as a Pre-Raphaelite painter, but a much longer portion of his career was devoted to painting the portraits of the Victorian rich and famous. Not only did this prove extraordinarily lucrative--Millais earned what by today's standards would be millions from his portraits--it offered one of the most talented 19th-century painters the chance to fashion powerful and memorable images of the people of his age. This book is the catalog to the 1999 Millais Portrait exhibition debuting at the National Gallery in London and traveling around the United States. It is a much more handsome production than most catalogs. The pictures are beautifully reproduced, and in place of the often bland catalog commentary are essays from four leading art historians on Millais's early and Pre-Raphaelite...

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