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Old Master Portrait Drawings: 47 Works
James Spero
September 2003
Book Description
47 masterpieces of drawing from the great schools and traditions of Italy and northern Europe, spanning fouir centuries from Filippino Lippi, Andrea del Sarto and Titian to Rembrandt, Van Dyck and Ingres. 47 plates.

The Drawings of Filippino Lippi and His Circle
Carmen Bambach
Jan 1997

Pierluigi De Vecchi
January 2004
Book Description
This catalogue is published in conjunction with the major Fall 2003 exhibition organized by the Musée du Luxembourg in Paris. This important and unprecedented exhibition covers the entire career of the Florentine master with over 40 exceptional masterpieces gathered from major museums around the world.

Sandro Botticelli was one of the leading painters of the Florentine Renaissance who developed a highly personal style characterized by elegant execution, sense of melancholy and strong emphasis on line. This monograph presents a selection of Botticelli's paintings and drawings, including extraordinary masterpieces such as the Mystic Nativity, St. Augustine in his Studio, Pallade and the Centaur, Annunciation and Madonna and Child, as well as a selection of works by other Renaissance painters like Leonardo...

Changing Patrons: Social Identity and the Visual Arts in Renaissance Florence
Jill Burke
June 2004
Book Description
To whom should we ascribe the great flowering of the arts in Renaissance Italy? Artists like Botticelli and Michelangelo? Or wealthy, discerning patrons like Cosimo de'Medici? In recent years, scholars have attributed great importance to the role played by patrons, arguing that some should even be regarded as artists in their own right. This approach receives sharp challenge in Jill Burke's Changing Patrons, a book that draws heavily upon the author's discoveries in Florentine archives, tracing the many profound transformations in patrons' relations to the visual world of fifteenth-century Florence. Looking closely at two of the city's upwardly mobile families, Burke demonstrates that they approached the visual arts from within a grid of social, political, and religious concerns. Art for them often served as a...

Italian Frescoes: The Early Renaissance
Steffi Roettgen
November 1996
Chicago Tribune
"...brings home masterpieces that in some cases can only be seen with difficulty in out-of-the-way places."

Philadelphia Inquirer
"...captures the magnificence of religious painting through Roettgen's lucid text and magnificent color photographs by Antonio Quattrone."

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Renaissance Cassoni: Masterpieces of Early Italian Art : Painted Marriage Chests 1400-1550
Graham Hughes
March 1998

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