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Big Five Assessment
Boele de Raad
July 2002
(Hardcover) - Revised Ed.
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...this text provides a uniquely comprehensive overview of the wide range of psychometric tests and inventories available for assessing personality, as described by the Big Five model and related concepts

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Univ. of Groningen, The Netherlands. Provides a comprehensive overview of personality assessment instruments based on the Big Five model and related constructs. Includes guidance on questionnaires, adjective scales for assessing personalities. Specific features, use, analysis, and interpretations and limitations of the Big Five and related instruments also provided.

Michelangelo and Raphael in the Vatican: With Botticelli-Perugino-Signorelli-Ghirlandaio and Rosselli
A. Graziano, et al

From Library Journal
Any serious art book collection must upgrade its holdings to include recent photographs of the Sistine Chapel after the cleaning, as our understanding of the paintings on the ceiling and walls has since changed radically. Here are three titles complementing one another and various aspects of the images revealed by the restoration. The slender, slipcovered Michelangelo and Raphael is an updated version of the official publication of the Vatican Museum illustrating the Sistine and Pauline chapels and the stanzas and loggias of Raphael. A best seller to tourists in Rome, it records the histories of the chapels with clear, elegant reproductions and descriptive text. There are full-color foldouts of the restored Sistine ceiling and Last Judgment by Michelangelo showing the breadth and scope of these paintings. The wall...

Michelangelo and Raphael with Botticelli, Perugino, Signorelli, Ghirlandaio and Rosselli in the Vatican: All the Sistine Chapel, the stanzas and the loggias
Michelangelo Buonarroti (Author)


Perugino's Path: The Journey of a Renaissance Painter
Nancy L. Clouse


Pietro Perugino: Master of the Italian Renaissance
Joseph Antenucci Becherer (Editor), et al

From Library Journal
An Umbrian painter, student of Piero della Francesco (with fellow student Leonardo), master of a great Florentine workshop, supervisor of the Sistine Chapel wall paintings of Botticelli, Ghirlandiao, Signorelli, and others (before Michelangelo), teacher of Raphael, and inspiration of the Pre-Raphaelites, Perugino?born Pietro di Cristoforo Vannucci (1450-1523)?has had a one-man show in Grand Rapids, MI, after 500 years. This is also the first exhibit of his work outside Italy in 50 years. Nine Italian and American scholars have contributed brief, informative essays to this book. The core, however, is a catalog of the 35 works of art exhibited, including nine paintings shipped from the National Gallery of Umbria, Perugia, sister city of Grand Rapids, and 26 borrowed from museums in the United States. This stunning,...

The Ascension of Christ by Perugino
Stefano Casciu (Editor), Andrew Ellis (Translator)

Book Description
The restoration of Pietro Perugino's Ascension of Christ in the cathedral at Sansepolcro marks the reinstatement of another masterpiece of sacred art. Together with the other important paintings adorning the town's mother church, this sublime work forms a kind of illustrated book relating the Christian faith.

In Umbria: A study of artistic personality
Vernon Lee (Author)


Disegni umbri del Rinascimento da Perugino a Raffaello : catalogo della mostra
Sylvia Ferino Pagden, Gabinetto disegni e stampe degli Uffizi (Author)

Language Notes
Text: Italian

Processus in Causa Fidei. L'evoluzione dei manuali inquisitoriali nei secoli XVI-XVIII e il manuale inedito di un inquisitore perugino : An article from: The Catholic Historical Review [HTML]
John Tedeschi
July 31, 2002

Book Description
"Processus in Causa Fidei. L'evoluzione dei manuali inquisitoriali nei secoli XVI-XVIII e il manuale inedito di un inquisitore perugino" by Andrea Errera is reviewed.This digital document is an article from The Catholic Historical Review, most recently published by Catholic University of America Press on July 31, 2002. The length of the article is 1106 words. The page length shown above is based on a typical 300-word page. The article is delivered in HTML format and is available in your Book Review Digital Locker immediately after purchase. You can view it with any web browser.Citation Details
Title: Processus in Causa Fidei. L'evoluzione dei manuali inquisitoriali nei secoli XVI-XVIII e il manuale inedito di un inquisitore perugino
Author: John Tedeschi
Publication: The Catholic Historical Review (Book...

Perugino (Masterpieces in Colour)
Selwyn Brinton, et al


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