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The Drawings of Pontormo (Master Draughtsman Series)
Stephen Longstreet (Introduction)
January 1999

Pontormo, Bronzino, and Allori: A Genealogy of Florentine Art
Elizabeth Pilliod
July 2001
From Library Journal
Pilliod (art, Oregon State Univ.) methodically argues for both a reassessment of the place of Jacopo da Pontormo, Agnolo Bronzino, and Alessandro Allori in 16th-century painting and for a new understanding of the role of Giorgio Vasari's Lives in art history. Using sociological and historical data, she compiles a portrait of 16th-century painting at odds with the view accepted through the centuries by historians who relied primarily on Vasari for their factual information. By following the money, she proves conclusively that Pontormo was a court painter under the rule of the Medici and was actually a competitor of Vasari for the favor of the duke. Bronzino was a student of Pontormo and Allori, in turn, a student of Bronzino. Though Vasari would tag them as minor participants, the author maintains that...

Pontormo, Bronzino, and the Medici: The Transformation of the Renaissance Portrait in Florence
Carl Brandon Brandon Strehlke (Editor)
October 2004

Pontormo: Portrait of a Halberdier
Elizabeth Cropper
February 1998
Book Description
Much has been written about the identity of the sitter in this portrait. In 1568, Vasari noted that Pontormo painted a beautiful work, a portrait of Francesco Guardi. In 1612, however, the name of Cosimo i de' Medici was attached to a description of the portrait. In this volume, Cropper argues
that the subject of the painting is indeed Francesco Guardi. She discusses not only the specific determination of the sitter but the tools and methods used in general for establishing the people and places portrayed in works of art.

Pontormo-Rosso Fiorentino
E. Letta
February 1995

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