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Rosso in Italy : The Italian Career of Rosso Fiorentino
David Franklin
September 28, 1994
Book Description
Rosso Fiorentino was one of the most original painters and draftsmen of the entire Renaissance period and a crucial figure among the so-called Mannerists. This book, the first full account in English of his paintings, focuses on Rosso`s life and works until about 1530, when he abandoned Italy for France and the court of Francis I and finally received the recognition he deserved. Copiously illustrated with some of the most powerful works of the Renaissance, this stimulating book provides a new basis for the assessment of Rosso and opens up fresh perspectives for the study of sixteenth-century painting and design.

Pontormo-Rosso Fiorentino
E. Letta
February 1995

Pasquale's Angel
Paul J. McAuley

From Publishers Weekly
Scotsman McAuley (Philip A. Dick Award-winning Four Hundred Billion Stars; Red Dust) has written an ambitious, often brilliant novel of alternate history. Renaissance Florence provides the richly portrayed historical backdrop. But, in McAuley's evocation, the city's skies are tainted by industrial waste from foundries and manufactories; its monumental buildings are designed and fiercely watched over by the Great Engineer, whose identity readers will easily deduce as that of Leonardo da Vinci. In this alternate Florence, a division has arisen between artisans and artists, with the former?those who work with their hands?holding more prestige than the creative artists. The protagonist is Pasquale, an apprentice painter determined to create a true image of an angel. He meets Niccolo Machiavegli, who lost his foreign...

The Art Bulletin: A Quarterly Published by the College Art Association: December 2002, Volume LXXXIV, Number 4
H. Perry Chapman (Editor), et al

Book Description
Articles: "The Water Mill and Northern Song Imperial Patronage of Art, Commerce, and Science" by Heping Liu; "'Fare una Cosa Morta Parer Viva'": Michelangelo, Rosso, and the (Un)Divinity of Art" by Stephen J. Campbell; "The Demonic Arts and the Origin of the Medium" by Michael Cole; & "Between Cult and Culture: Bamiyan, Islamic Iconoclasm, and the Museum" by Finbarr Barry Flood.

Pontormo, Rosso Fiorentino (The great masters of art)
Elisabetta Marchetti Letta

Language Notes
Text: English (translation)
Original Language: Italian

Rosso Fiorentino: Drawings, prints, and decorative arts
Eugene A Carroll


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