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Susan Rothenberg
Joan Simon
Mar 2000
Book Review
Though Susan Rothenberg is perhaps best known for her paintings of horses, the subjects of her paintings are in fact quite varied--abstract portraits, landscapes, and atmospheric expressionist canvases round out her oeuvre. This book is the first comprehensive monograph of Rothenberg's work, offering the reader a broad view of both her paintings and her life. Born in upstate New York, Rothenberg spent her early years studying art and dance before moving to Manhattan for college. There, she became involved in the conceptually oriented art world of 1960s New York City. As Rothenberg began to individuate herself and her work from that movement, her canvases became one of the forces that reinvigorated American painting in the 1970s. Rothenberg later headed to the Southwest, inspiring the incorporation of themes culled from her...

Lug Your Careless Body out of the Careful Dusk: A Poem in Fragments
Joshua Marie Wilkinson
April 2006
“The dreamer is not quite asleep and so his conscious seeks reason at its most partial, least impartial. Thus, in Joshua Marie Wilkinson's collection, what initially appears fragmentary is really a subversive precision. What lures with its charms becomes strange and volatile: 'Home, almost, at / least where words cut your lip & I spoke / you together & then back apart.' Come: enter beguiled and leave haunted, where Wilkinson acts as a graceful thief---he steals his own disappearance and is the cunning agent of his own chimerical resurgence.”---Elizabeth Robinson, author of Apprehend
“The epigraph to Wilkinson's stunning new book promises a light in which 'everything is meant for you / And nothing need be explained.' He gives us entry into a logbook full of riven epiphanies, ungettable coherences,...

To Be A Man
Susan Gluck Rothenberg
Jan 2005
Fay Vincent, former commissioner, Major League Baseball
Wilson was an ‘ordinary’ decent, fascinating citizen whose story I found simply extraordinary."

Reverend Professor Peter J. Gomes, Harvard University
"Real history about real people ... an unusually compelling story."

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A Creative Legacy: A History of the National Endowment for the Arts Visual Artists' Fellowship Program, 1966-1995
Bill Ivey (Introduction)
October 2001
From Publishers Weekly
In 1996, Congress cut funding for the NEA's Visual Artists Fellowships program, which had given grants to individual artists to pursue particular projects. Soon after, Dowley, president of the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation in Massachusetts and director of museums and visual arts at the NEA from 1994 to 1999, sent out a list of the then 4,500 fellowship recipients (there were eventually more than 5,000) to 14 curators and museum directors, asking them to choose 100 who best represented the program. The result is this book, put together with Princenthal, a curator who has published in Art in America and elsewhere. Much of the work, shown in 293 illustrations (100 in full color) and discussed in essays from the two editors, is terrific: Richard Tuttle's 1998 New Mexico, New York, B, #5, a painting of Native...

Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University: A Handbook of the Collection
Franklin W. Robinson
May 1998
Book Description
One of America's great university art collections--and the magnificent building in which it is housed--are celebrated in this beautiful treasury.

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