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Rouault Cameo
Jose Maria Faerna
Feb 1997
Language Notes
Text: English (translation)
Original Language: Spanish

Rouault in Perspective: Contextual and Theoretical
Soo Yun Kang
March 2000
Book Description
In his book, "Rouault in Perspective," Soo Yun Kang analyzes the works of Georges Rouault focusing on the effects that Rouault's religious and personal influences had upon his art. Due to Rouault's reticence about the meaning of his work and his disapproval of any attempts at explanation, previous scholars have failed to investigate the motives behind Rouault's genius. By contrast, Soo Yun Kang gives detailed attention to the numerous literary and philosophical figures such as Joris-Karl Huysmans, LŽon Bloy, and Jacques Maritain who influenced Rouault early in his life, and compares his work with the Christian artistic developments that took place in the 1920s as well as the politics of this era. "Rouault in Perspective" will allow a new insight into the artist and his art and will be of great value to those...

Jazz Age Catholicism: Mystic Modernism in Postwar Paris, 1919-1933
Stephen Schloesser
May 2005

Pierre Matisse and His Artists
William M. Griswold (Introduction)
February 2003
Book Description
Pierre Matisse arrived in New York shortly before Christmas 1924 determined to make his mark. At that time, the New York art world was in its formative stages, entirely different from what it was to become by the close of the 20th century. He was to play a significant role in its establishment. In 1925, the time of his first exhibition, which featured lithographs and drawings by his father, Henri Matisse, there were few galleries and no museums exhibiting contemporary art. In October 1931 the Pierre Matisse Gallery opened its doors in the Fuller building on 57th Street, just around the corner from the provisional headquarters of the recently instituted Museum of Modern Art. In addition to shows featuring works by such established artists as Giorgio de Chirico, André Derain, Pablo Picasso, Georges Rouault, and, of...

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