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The Life of a Painter
Gino Severini
Oct 1995
The Art Book : His story is told in a glib and chatty manner. Severini was a keen observer, quick to learn, quick to spot frailties and foibles, but last to criticize. There is a certain 'niceness' in his writing, the attitude of a Tuscan Candide.
Times Literary Supplement : Much in Gino Severini's recollections is the day-to-day gossip of modernism at its peak.... Some of the most exciting movements in twentieth-century art.

Anne Coffin Hanosn, Yale University : Gino Severini was one of the lively founders of Italian Futurism. His autobiography, written with verve and charm, brings to life the debates, events, and challenges that characterized early Modernism in Milan, Rome, and Paris.

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Gino Severini
Daniela Fonti
Mar 2002
Book Description
This is the catalogue of the recent exhibition at the Guggenheim Collection in Venice devoted to a 20th-century avant garde master on one of his favorite subjects: the dance. Between 1910 and 1915 Gino Severini was a central figure of Italian Futurism, the movement that celebrated the modern by giving expression to contemporary theories about sensory perception of the new urban and industrial environments. As a resident of Paris, Severini served as an intermediary between Futurists in Italy and the Parisian avant-garde, especially his friends among the Cubist painters.

Above all other art movements, the dance excited Severini's imagination as a painter during his Futurist period. The dancing figure was for him the icon of modernity, a metaphor of dynamism, and the door of perception through which he invited...

Futurism (World of Art Series)
Caroline Tisdale
February 1985

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