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The Irish Devil
Diane Whiteside
August 2004
From Booklist
Raised in privilege, Viola is disinherited and ostracized when she is forced to marry a man far beneath her. Now a widow, Viola ekes out a living by taking in washing in a western mining town. On one of her rounds returning clean clothes to the local house of ill repute, she overhears the girls talking about the skills of William Donovan, a handsome Irishman well on his way to making a fortune. Stalked by a crazy suitor, and bereft after her small stash of money is stolen, Viola feels she has no choice but to sell her body. Instead of joining the local working girls, however, she approaches Donovan and asks to be his mistress. He is surprised but quickly takes her up on her offer, and what follows is a very interesting story related in prose so steamy that it fogs one's reading glasses as Donovan, a student of the sensual...

Reasons for Knocking at an Empty House
Bill Viola
Dec 1995
Book Description
Chosen to represent the United States at the 46th Venice Biennale, Bill Viola, a New York artist living on the West Coast, is recognized internationally for his work in video and sound installations. This book brings together a selection of essays, notebook entries, drawings, and descriptions of projects that map Viola's personal course through the readings, observations, experiments, and associations that form the groundwork for his art. Each work illustrated is accompanied by a description by the artist, as well as comments on the work's origins from the artist's notebooks.

For the last 25 years, Viola has used innovative multimedia technologies to explore the phenomena of sense perception as a language of the body and avenue to self-knowledge, integrating many disciplines and philosophies to reveal...

The Art of Bill Viola
Chris Townsend
June 2004
Book Description
An appraisal of the full range of accomplishments of this popular contemporary American artist. The video and installation artist Bill Viola is one of the most popular artists in the world today. Significantly, in a world where an artist's importance is often conferred by small groups of experts and cognoscenti, Viola's rich imagery touches a nerve with large international audiences. His work is profoundly spiritual and never afraid to make big statements about human life and its relation to the universe, to the soul and human spirit, to nature, and to death. Viola is one of those rare artists whose work makes us aware of our nature as human beings. He takes art back to what were once its fundamental concerns and gives it a relevance to the emotional and spiritual lives of ordinary people. While Viola has been the...

Goodnight Sun, Hello Moon
Karen Viola
December 2003

Bill Viola
Solomon R Guggenheim Foundation
July 2003
Book Description
Widely recognized as the leading video artist of our time, Bill Viola employs sophisticated state-of-the-art technologies to create installations that envelop the viewer in image and sound. In his newest and most evocative work--exhibited first at the Deutsche Guggenheim Berlin and in this accompanying catalogue--an ordered sequence of allegorical fresco-like images immerse the viewer in a total aesthetic, sensory and philosophical experience. Includes an interview with the artist. Introduction by John G. Hanhardt. Hardcover, 9 x 10.75 in./152 pgs / 73 color 12 BW0 duotone 0 ~ Item D20383

A World of Art
Henry M. Sayre
February 2004
Textbook Paperback
The publisher, Prentice-Hall Humanities/Social Science
An exceptionally lively and varied introduction to art appreciation, this text -- and outstanding multimedia supplements package -- is designed around the cornerstones of the Western artistic tradition but juxtaposes other not-so-well-known works and works from other traditions to show how special and unique the Western tradition is in many of its assumptions. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

From the Back Cover
Key Benefit:An exceptionally lively and varied introduction to art appreciation. Designed around the cornerstones of the Western artistic tradition but juxtaposes other not-so-well-known works and works from other traditions to show how special and unique the Western tradition is in many of...

Bill Viola
Peter Sellars
Mar 2003
From Publishers Weekly
It's not easy to encapsulate the work of a video artist in an exhibit catalogue, but Viola's art lends itself to stills and those stills to long scrutiny. His 20 recent videos called The Passions feature close-ups of faces on a black background distraught, happy or fearful frame-by-frame. Setting the work in a post- September-11th context, curator and former Getty Museum director Walsh finds that by displaying other human beings and thus ourselves in extremis, Viola bypasses the rational intellect and causes disturbances against which we are normally well defended. Disturbed, we are no longer mere spectators. Some of the work consists of a single performer moving through an arc of intensity, as in Dolorosa, but Going Forth by Day involved elaborate sets, stunt performers and hundreds of extras. As an exhibition...

New Media in Art
Michael Rush
June 2005
The Art Book
A valuable overview of artists' use of new excellent introduction to new media art.

School Library Journal
Outstanding, almost platelike reproduction of the numerous color and black-and-white photos.

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Playing the Viola: Conversations with William Primrose
David Dalton
January 1990
Book Description
Before the death, in 1982, of the renowned violist William Primrose, David Dalton engaged the musician in a lively series of conversations which touched on almost all aspects of viola technique, performance, repertoire, recording, and history. This book is a transcription of this dialogue,
containing illuminating advice on holding the viola, bowing, tone, fingering, and practicing, all supported by copious illustrations and musical examples, as well as insights on repertoire for the viola--"an instrument without tradition"--and on performances of the great concertos by Bartok and
Walton. Punctuated with frankness and humor, this book is a tribute to one of the greatest artists of this century.

Beautiful Music for Two String Instruments: Two Viola, Vol. 3
Samuel Applebaum
March 1985

Shakespeare in Love: The Love Poetry of William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare
December 1998

Duke Ellington for Strings: Viola
Duke Ellington
June 1999

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