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Les Fauves: 24 Cards
Andre and Others Derain
December 2002
Book Description
European painters of the early twentieth century experimented with non-naturalistic colors, executed in a raw, rugged style. An astounded public came to know these artists as Les Fauves (the wild beasts), and this riotously colorful collection celebrates a revolutionary school of painting with brilliant reproductions of Albert Marquet's Le Pin Parasol, Saint-Tropez and Le Port de Saint-Tropez; Charles Camoin's La rue Bouterie and Le Port de Marseille; Maurice de Vlaminck's La Danseuse du "Rat Mort" and Voilier sur la Seine, plus 18 more, including works by Kees van Dongen, André Derain, Louis Valtat, and Henri Manguin. Captions.

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