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Secret Trial: Brian Mulroney, Stevie Cameron, and the Public Trust
William Kaplan
September 2004
Book Description
A Secret Trial is the first critical analysis of the widespread deception behind the Airbus scandal. In a scathing indictment of the ethics of politicians, journalists, and business, William Kaplan's book pits former prime minister Brian Mulroney against Stevie Cameron, one of Canada's foremost investigative journalists. In his bestselling "Presumed Guilty" Kaplan chronicled the corruption charges surrounding the 1988 $1.8 billion purchase by Air Canada of passenger airplanes from European giant Airbus Industries, concluding that Mulroney had been the victim of a campaign of unfounded allegation and reckless inuendo. In "A Secret Trial," Kaplan reveals how he was misled and deceived by both Mulroney and Cameron. Mulroney, paid $300,000 in cash not long after leaving office in circumstances he believed were best kept...

Brian Mulroney
Oct 2006

Mitchell: The Life Of W.O. Mitchell: The Years Of Fame, 1948-1998
Ormond Mitchell
October 2005
"A book so engaging and sprawling with life that I read it all in a two-day binge"
–David Carpenter, November 19, 2005, Globe and Mail

"Candid and lively….the book succeeds on both academic and popular grounds."
–Stewart Brown; November 26, 2005, The Hamilton Spectator

"The first virtue of this excellent biography is that it gives us the writer as well as the person in all of his complexity and contradictions."
–Neil Besner, Dean of arts at the University of Winnipeg, December 4, 2005, Winnipeg Free Press

"Thoughtful and tender of heart"
–Bill Richardson, December 17, 2005, The National Post

"I predict a good life for this biography. If you read enough of those unforgiving memoirs by...

Getting It Done: A Memoir
Derek H. Burney
May 2005

A Noble Calling (Contributions in Political Science, #395): Character and the George H. W. Bush Presidency
William Levantrosser (Editor)
March 2004
Book Description
This book presents essays by cabinet members, world leaders, and scholars examining the formation of President George H. W. Bush's character and the factors that influenced his leadership as a legislator, a diplomat, and an American president.

About the Author
WILLIAM LEVANTROSSER is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Hofstra University. He has published extensively on the American presidency. Among his earlier publications are Congress and the Citizen-Soldier and Harry S. Truman: The Man from Independence (Greenwood Press, 1986). ROSANNA PEROTTI is Associate Professor of Political Science at Hofstra University. She has published on U.S. immigration policy in International Migration Review and The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Sciences. She...

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