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Laura Secord: A Story Of Courage
Janet Lunn
September 2001
From School Library Journal
Grades 3-6--Lunn's well-written story of Secord's 19-mile journey to inform British Lieutenant FitzGibbon of the American plan for a surprise attack during the War of 1812 has atmosphere and a dramatic sense of foreboding. Newhouse's folk-art illustrations are a perfect match for this tale of an ordinary woman in extraordinary circumstances. The oil paintings of the Secord farm in Queenston, Upper Canada, clearly reveal how the family was "in the thick of the war right from the start"-with enemy lines right in their backyard. The battle scenes are visually arresting as the wounded soldiers and falling maple leaves are bathed in a bright-red hue. A sepia-toned, illustrated map outlines her trip. An epilogue describes what happened to Secord and her family after the battle at Beaver Dams. More insight and...

Laura Secord's Brave Walk
Connie Brummel Crook
October 2000
From School Library Journal
Grade 2-5-Secord's heroism during the War of 1812 is detailed in this compelling picture book. American and British forces are fighting for control of Upper Canada (now Ontario), causing many hardships for the Secords, but through them all Laura displays strength and resourcefulness. While "[c]annons and muskets roared deafeningly all around" and the "smell of sulphur from the guns hung thick in the damp air," the woman hides her children in the root cellar and rescues her wounded husband from enemy fire. When American soldiers arrive at her house and order her to prepare them a meal, she is determined to find out their military strategies. Overhearing their plans for a surprise attack on the British at Beaver Dams, Laura immediately resolves to inform Lieutenant FitzGibbon. Her 19-mile journey...

Laura Secord (The Canadians Series)
John Bassett
September 2003

Laura Secord
Cheryl MacDonald
May 2005
Book Description
During the War of 1812, Canadian and British forces battled against the United States with great determination. Many of these soldiers displayed incredible bravery in the face of the enemy. The most legendary act, however, was performed by a civilian woman. This is the story of Laura Secord, a devoted wife and mother who risked life and limb to warn the British military of an impending American attack.

About the Author

Cheryl MacDonald has been writing on historical topics for nearly 30 years. Her work has appeared in numerous magazines, including The Beaver and Maclean's, and she has written a number of books, mostly relating various aspects of southern Ontario history.

Cheryl holds history degrees from the University of Waterloo and McMaster University...

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