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K. D. Lang: Carrying the Torch
William Robertson
March 1993
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A highly readable introduction to lang's life and work. . . . Robertson has included a useful chronology and an extensive bibliography.

Book Description
Since the release of her first album, a truly western experience in 1984, k.d. lang has galvanized listeners with her amazing voice, while battling for a place in the music industry and fighting off prejudice against her appearance and attitude. k.d. lang: Carrying the Torch explores her tomboy girlhood in Consort, Alberta, through her entry into show business and the making of her first five albums and her first film, to her move away from country music to easy listening jazz and adult-oriented pop.

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K.D. Lang
Rose Collis
May 2003

K. D. Lang: All You Get Is Me
Victoria Starr
January 1996
From Publishers Weekly
This first full-length bio of country/pop chanteuse k. d. lang suggests that its subject is noteworthy both for her courage as a self-proclaimed lesbian and for her refusal to submit to industry control of her image or her music. The first claim is undoubtedly true; Starr, a freeelance journalist and radio-program producer, convincingly asserts that lang's status as the "first openly lesbian pop icon" paved the way for other celebrities to "out" themselves without stigma. But the latter assertion is arguable. If lang has successfully resisted record-label attempts to market her music according to notions of commercial viability, Starr's portrait reveals that lang has always carefully packaged herself. Attracted to the spotlight, she would appear to have embarked on her career less because of a true passion for...

Country Women in Music
Jim Brown
April 1999

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