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Bodybuilding 101: Everything You Need to Know to Get the Body You Want
Robert Wolff
April 1999
Book Description
From the pages of Muscle Fitness magazine comes Bodybuilding 101 , a complete motivational how-to guide based on Robert Wolff's immensely popular column in the world-renowned fitness magazine. Covering everything from nutrition basics, common training mistakes, and powerful mental strategies to specialized training for your body type and the 22 best machine exercises, Bodybuilding 101 appeals to men and women of all ages, from beginner to advanced fitness enthusiast--anyone who desires a stronger, firmer, and shapelier body but does not have the know-how to achieve it. In order to help explain exercises step-by-step, Bodybuilding 101 contains more than 200 photos by the best physique and exercise photographers in the industry. Robert Wolff is a true fitness and motivation authority who has helped thousands...

Essential Stretch
Michelle Lemay
August 2003
Book Description

There's nothing like a good stretch. But stretching is good for a lot more than a sports warmup or a seventh-inning break. Combining elements of yoga, mind-body focus, breath awareness, and flowing movement, Michelle LeMay has developed a unique stretch technique that will not only free the body but ease the mind.

This simple, illustrated guide will help relieve stress and increase flexibility, as well as offering additional health benefits including:

€ Reduced muscle tension
€ Rejuvenated internal organs, muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments
€ Toned body
€ Improved blood circulation
€ Reduced weight
€ Raised energy levels
€ and much more

About the Author
Michelle LeMay is a...

Hormone Revolution Weight Loss Plan: Harness the Power of Your Fat-Burning
Karlis Ullis
December 2003
From Publishers Weekly
Simple calorie counting often fails-and cutting back on certain foods "can actually make you fatter"-because these strategies ignore the role of hormones, according to this fact-filled but readable weight-loss primer. Ullis, a physician specializing in sports and anti-aging medicine, details the myriad ways in which hormones like testosterone, insulin, and human growth hormone influence (and are influenced by) fat metabolism, exercise nutrition, sex drive, sleep patterns and aging. He argues that diet and exercise plans often end up burning muscle instead of fat because they don't allow for these effects, and outlines meal plans, recipes, work-out regimens and nutritional supplements that take hormones into account. Ullis's advice is ultimately not all that revolutionary: he recommends weight-training along with...

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