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Supple Workout
L. Malcolm
August 2000

Thin Thighs Diet & Workout
Karen Burke
December 2001
Book Description
It's easy, fun, scientific...and gives you amazing results in only 30 days! After the resounding success of Dr. Burke's first book, Thin Thighs for Life, the public clamored for more. She's responded with new exercises and recipes for eliminating dreaded cellulite, those ugly, dimpled pockets of fat that accumulate on the hips and thighs of over 90% of women. Here's how to look slimmer, feel healthier, and boost your energy--with minimum effort:
* The anti-cellulite diet plan: Some foods actually reduce cellulite! Try tasty substitutes for fattening ingredients and more than 80 easy-to-prepare, delicious recipes.
* The super-effective workout: Slot these enjoyable exercises right into the most hectic schedules. Included are anytime, anywhere "invisible" routines that integrate into your daily activities....

10-Minute Workouts Card Deck
Manufactured by Barnes & Noble
November 2005
Other Format
Book Description
Simple exercise routines presented on 50 handy cards. A variety of ten munute workouts that you can do at home. All areas of the body are targeted --- legs, arms, hips etc. Aerobics, stretches and weight training.

Reduzca sus zonas de grasa femenina: Lose Pounds and Inches--Fast!--from Your Belly, Hips, Thighs, and More
Denise Austin
June 2004
Book Description
A woman's female fat zone can be that part of her body that pops out after she has a baby, or drops after she turns 40.

It can be that area she tries to hide in baggy shirts or pants. If you have a fat zone, Denise Austin has designed a program just for you. In just 6 weeks, you'll get the slimmer thighs, trimmer hips, and flatter belly that you've dreamed of. You'll lose up to 2 pounds a week, and wherever you used to pinch your share of inches, you'll be smaller, firmer, and more defined.
As you follow Denise's targeted programs, you will:
- Zip through fun, fast workouts that trim and tone trouble areas
- Savor 6 weeks of mouthwatering menu plans, developed by a top nutritionist
- Track your progress in a motivating, specialized journal
- Check out before and after photos of women who've seen...

Your Best Body Ever: Lose Pounds, Tone Your Body, and Reshape Your Hips, Belly, and Thighs--Fast!
Anita Goa
April 2004
Book Description
The first complete, individualized program that integrates the best of all workouts If you already train with weights . . . you can learn to maximize endurance, increase flexibility, and enhance mental focus by adding aerobics and yoga to your routine. If you already do Cardio . . . you can build essential muscle strength using simple weight-training techniques and rejuvenate your body and mind through the power of yoga. If you already practice yoga . . . you can discover how to integrate the physical advantages of weight training and aerobics with the physical and mental rewards of yoga. Be the best you can be-;with Your Best Body Ever Now you can combine the best of weight training, cardio, and yoga with the breakthrough Goa System. This easy-to-use guide integrates essential exercises, positions, and...

Ten Minute Workouts
Chrissie Gallagher-Mundy
May 2003
Book Description
Want to get fit and toned, but don't have time to devote to the gym or an aerobics class? This newest entry to the highly successful 10-Minute series shows how quick and easy it can be to have a workout before you leave in the morning, when you get home, during lunch, or even at the desk. Here are exercises, all shown in color photographs, to firm up the hips and backside, lose the flab on the abs, tighten those thighs, and add definition to the pecs. Wonderful stretches will help "sculpt" a leaner figure, and give you extra energy, too. Cover every inch of your body with complete routines, as well as special calisthenics that target problem areas. See how to get the "burn" that proves that the muscles are working hard. Making the program even more effective is the additional advice on nutrition, maximizing muscle...

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