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The Well-Filled Microwave Cookbook (Well-Filled Series , No 2)


From Library Journal
Former chefs Wise and Hoffman (Good and Plenty, LJ 12/88) want their readers to take another look at the microwave oven and realize that it can do more than thaw, reheat, and make popcorn. Whether home cooks will start using their microwave to make fruit butters or preserves, or to make (some) recipes that take almost as long as the stove-top version but save on clean-up time, is an open question. In any case, the authors bring impressive credentials to their task. Their recipes?more than 350?are good, and many of their ideas are clever, such as using the microwave to make dried fruits or pickles and condiments of all sorts. Sometimes the ever-so-enthusiastic recipe notes verge on the precious or are slightly off the mark (fish stock "takes a mere 25 minutes in the microwave"?but that's how long most French chefs...

A Man, a Can, a Microwave: 50 Tasty Meals You Can Nuke in No Time
David Joachim
May 2004
Board Book
From Publishers Weekly
Bound in the kind of thick, stain-proof pages usually employed for preschool boardbooks, this cookbook dumbs down basic recipes to inventive new lows. The Men’s Health magazine team responsible for the similarly silly A Man, A Can, A Plan again explain how to microwave canned food into something approximating dinner. Rather than saute or simmer, readers are instructed to "dump" and "nuke" ingredients, as in a recipe for Sweet and Sour Meatballs, which requires a can of crushed pineapples, a can of sloppy joe sauce and a pound of frozen precooked meatballs. Other recipes not for the faint of heart include Slab O’ Ham with Redeye Gravy (essentially microwaved slices of canned ham in a coffee/pork sauce gravy) and Hot Slam Dunk, a dip that calls for mayonnaise, sour cream, canned artichoke hearts, spinach...

Microwave Cooking for One
Marie T. Smith
December 1985
From Publishers Weekly
Smith's 300-plus recipes rarely take more than a half hour to prepare, and often less than that. Advanced models of microwaves can now brown, saute and roast, as well as boil and steam, for a range of recipes that experienced cooks will appreciate. Neophytes will be helped by the thorough instructions on such basics as soft-boiling eggs. Smith's practical bent is further evidenced by her tips for using leftover raw ingredientsthere's an entire chapter on preserves, relishes and sauces. Her thoroughness fails though when she presents a long list of kitchen utensils that are identified by brand name rather than general description so that one doesn't know whether conventional pots and pans can be substituted. NovemberCopyright 1985 Reed Business Information, Inc.

From the...

The Moms' Guide to Meal Makeovers: Improving the Way Your Family Eats, One Meal at a Time!
Janice Bissex (Author), et al
January 1, 2004
From Booklist
The unhealthiness of juvenile diets has generated new concern about excessive fast food and nutritionally suspect mass-produced meals in children's daily fare. Dieticians Bissex and Weiss have written The Moms' Guide to Meal Makeovers specifically to show just how to go about enhancing the nutritional value of everyday home cooking. Despite the title's somewhat sexist assumption (Are dads by nature uninvolved in, ignorant of, or averse to their offspring's good nutrition?), the book presents relatively simple ways of bettering recipes' nutrition by substituting lower-fat and lower-sodium ingredients and by always paying attention to labels. Each recipe has a table comparing fat, protein, carbohydrate, sodium, and fiber levels of both the standard and improved recipes. Mark Knoblauch
Copyright ©...

Microwave Gourmet
Barbara Kafka
January 1998
Book Description
Learn to use your microwave oven to do everything you hoped it could and more with breakthrough techniques and recipes that will change the way you cook forever.First published in 1987, Barbara Kafka's Microwave Gourmet redefined the way people thought about the microwave oven. Microwave Gourmet is the only book that clarifies which dishes are at their best when made in the microwave, which are the worst, and why.There are over six hundred delicious recipes for everything you can conceivably want classics like Filet of Sole with Almonds and Turkey with Cranberry Sauce and Saffron Risotto, plus old-fashioned favorites such as Baked Macaroni and Cheese and an American Chocolate Layer Cake that cook up in five to ten minutes. Microwave Gourmet lets you eat good, homemade food in no time at all.Microwave Gourmet is an...

125 Best Microwave Oven Recipes
Johanna Burkhard
Apr 2004
Nancy Anderson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 02/03/2005
Excellent results... she has proved the "nuker" to be a time-saving kitchen buddy.

Book Description
Perform microwave magic in your kitchen. Typically, microwave ovens are only used to heat leftovers, thaw frozen foods or nuke popcorn. Yet, there are many benefits to microwave cooking, such as: - A greater retention of taste and natural flavors - More vitamins and minerals are retained for better nutrition - Shorter cooking times use less electricity than a conventional oven - Less mess to clean up In 125 Best Microwave Recipes, Burkhard brings her culinary expertise to this versatile and convenient appliance with outstanding recipes for delicious main meals in a fraction of the time required by conventional ovens. From the tantalizing...

Cooking Healthy with a Microwave: A Healthy Exchanges Cookbook
JoAnna M. Lund
June 2005
Book Description
Over one million Healthy Exchanges(r) cookbooks in print!

In this all-new collection of more than 240 Healthy Exchanges recipes for the microwave, JoAnna M. Lund will have readers in and out of the kitchen faster than ever-without sacrificing good taste. From mouthwatering main dishes such as Creole Pork Tenders to fabulous sides like Rising Sun Rice Pilaf to irresistible desserts like Cherry Hill Cheesecake-and everything in between-JoAnna shows how the ever-convenient microwave was meant to be used.

- The best and worst foods for the microwave (or convection oven)
- Helpful hints for choosing and using ingredients
- Complete nutritional information for each recipe

About the Author
JoAnna M. Lund, the author of many Healthy Exchanges(r) cookbooks, ...

Madame Benoit's Microwave Cook Book
Jehane Benoit
Oct 1975

Tout de Suite a la Microwave I : A gourmet's cookbook of French, Acadian and Creole recipes
Jean K. Durkee
December 1, 1977
Plastic Comb
Tulsa World Newspaper, March 3, 1999
Food Editor, Scott Cherry gave a full front page review of Tout de Suite a la Microwave I and II. Subject; Pralines with a full color photo of a plate of delicious Pralines. "Pretty Pralines" "Louisiana cookbook proves popular as recipe source." "I have tried out a number of recipes for pralines, but this is the best-and the easiest."

Book Description
Tout de Suite a la Microwave I. Home economist and author Jean K Durkee has adapted for microwave cooking the best of the French, Acadian and Creole recipes for which the South Louisiana "Cajun Country" has become justly famous. Learn how to cook a Roux and Gumbo, Crabmeat Mornay, Bananas Foster and more-all in the microwave!

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Apocalypse Chow!: How to Eat Well When the Power Goes Out
Jon Robertson
November 2005
Book Description
Right now, somewhere in America, a storm has knocked out the electricity. With Apocalypse Chow! Jon Robertson delivers a very practical guide to eating with elegance even when the refrigerator, stove, and microwave are rendered powerless. With simple tips on how to shop, store, and prepare gourmet food, this book will help anyone who is forced to dine in the dark. Discover how the right nonperishables and a little creative heat can turn into renowned chef Robin Robertson's savory Almost-Instant Black Bean Chili, Pantry Pasta Salad, and Fire-Roasted Blueberry Cobbler, among many others.Apocalypse Chow! is a valuable resource for anyone who feels (or maybe really is) powerless in the kitchen but still in search of culinary delight.

Saving Dinner: The Menus, Recipes, and Shopping Lists to Bring Your Family Back to the Table
Leanne Ely
September 2003
Book Description
Certified nutritionist Leanne Ely has a simple philosophy: “Make it and they will come.” Dinner, that is. Take-out, opening a can, or microwave fare shouldn’t pass for a nice, healthy meal–and nothing can replace a family’s time together. Believe it or not, preparing dinner can be a stress-free endeavor. Even your time in the supermarket can be cut in half!

Full of practical tips on simple, healthy meal planning, Saving Dinner is the ideal solution for today’s busy parents who would love to have their family sitting around the dinner table once again–sharing stories along with a nutritious meal. Efficiently divided by season, each section features six weeks of menus with delicious recipes, side dish suggestions, and an itemized grocery list that is organized by...

Microwave Main Dishes
Sunset Books
Sept 1990

Savoring Mexico: Recipes and Reflections on Mexican Cooking (The Savoring Series)
Marilyn Tausend, et al
April 2001

What Einstein Told His Cook: Kitchen Science Explained
Robert L. Wolke
May 2002
Book Review
Why do recipes call for unsalted butter--and salt? What is a microwave, actually? Are smoked foods raw or cooked? Robert L. Wolke's enlightening and entertaining What Einstein Told His Cook offers answers to these and 127 other questions about everyday kitchen phenomena. Using humor (dubious puns included), Wolke, a bona fide chemistry professor and syndicated Washington Post columnist, has found a way to make his explanations clear and accessible to all: in short, fun. For example, to a query about why cookbooks advise against inserting meat thermometers so that they touch a bone, Wolke says, "I hate warnings without explanations, don't you? Whenever I see an 'open other end' warning on a box, I open the wrong end just to see what will happen. I'm still alive." But he always finally gets down to brass tacks: as most heat...

Simply Scrumptious Microwaving
Mary Ann Feutcher Robinson
Feb 1986

Luxurious Jam
Sonia Allison
Apr 2005

Easy Livin' Microwave Cooking: The New Microwave Primer
Karen Kangas Dwyer
August 1989
From Publishers Weekly
Cooking instructor Dwyer dishes up unpretentious recipes with a premium on speed and ease of preparation. Introductory material effectively explains the use of microwave ovens and, whether identifying the magnetron tube or describing how to soften brown sugar, comments are clear and concise. Additional tips are interspersed throughout: frosting can be turned into glaze by adding milk; a red citrus drink is well-suited to holiday entertaining. Dwyer emphasizes everyday fare, such as hamburger, macaroni and tomato casserole or Polish sausage cooked in beer, and offers a few lighter meals for calorie-watchers, including fish fillets prepared with vegetables and a meat loaf with ground turkey. However, this is no diet book: its rich fudge brownies and utterly decadent pralines can be made so simply and quickly as to...

Microwave Cooking: Adapting Conventional Recipes


Chinese Cooking Made Easy
Mu-Tsun Mu-Tsun Lee
May 1991
Language Notes
Text: Chinese, English

The Essential Microwave Handbook
Carol Bowen
Sept 2000
Book Description
Includes over 80 superb recipes that allow you to make the most of your microwave in simple ways.

What's Cooking - a Recipe Organizer
Peter Pauper Press
June 2000
Other Format
Book Description
Not just any recipe organizer, What's Cooking? features fabulous 50's-inspired photos by Kelly Povo and humorous musings on cooking and food from a handful of pundits. Includes a wealth of practical elements: - 8 dividers (Appetizers, Soups & Salads, Vegetables and Side Dishes, Main Courses, Pasta, Breads and Muffins, Desserts, Miscelaneous) - 8 folders and 8 plastic-covered adhesive pages for storing recipe cards and recipes clipped from newspapers and magazines. - 9 information pages including US and metric equivalents, emergency substitutions, microwave tips, a glossary of cooking terms, and more. - Clear plastic page to protect the recipe in use. - 80 lined recipe pages plus additional pages for recording food websites and favorite restaurants. - The 3-ring square back binder opens with ease and lies flat. ...

Sanjeev Kapoor's Microwave Cooking Made Easy
Sanjeev Kapoor (Unknown)
January 2004
Book Description
Microwave oven can only be used for reheating.This is not true.They can be used for exotic as well as day to day cooking. We can not cook Indian dishes in Microwave--not true either! In this book dishes both international and naitonal have been included.A sincere effort has been made by the author to make the usage of Microwave simple and easy. Special effort has been made keeping in mind the needs of the Indian households.Scores of delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarianan recipes,chef's tips,microwave cooking techniques, a note on utensils and other information makes the book handy.Read the book and make better use of the microwave without any inhibitions!!

About the Author
Sanjeev Kapoor's name is synononymous with Indian Cooking. Anchoring the best Cookery show for...

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