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Taylor's Weekend Gardening Guide to Cold Climate Gardening
Rebecca Atwater Briccetti
February 2000
Book Description
Illustrated with 50 color photos, all the information a reader needs to succeed with a garden in a cold climate: Selecting shrubs, trees and perennials that are hardy to zone 5 or colder, and making use of microclimates; Planting only vegetables and fruits that will ripen in a short season; Designing a landscape that for much of the year will be enjoyed only from the inside looking out; Protecting plants through the uses of mulch, cloches, cold frames, row covers,windbreaks, and antidessicant sprays; Making use of microclimates; Plus lists of the best plants for northern gardens.

About the Author
Rebecca Atwater Briccetti is a gardener and writer. She lives in Maine.

Exotic Foods: A Kitchen and Garden Guide
Marian Van Atta
March 2002
Book Description
Bring the Exotic Home with Marian Van Atta With over thirty years’ experience cultivating tropical and subtropical fruits and vegetables, author Marian Van Atta brings the exotic home in the second edition of this popular guide: Learn how to take full advantage of year-round warm weather (or your sun porch or greenhouse if you live in a colder climate) and grow rare delights such as the Surinam cherry. Learn how to grow favorite American fruit trees (such as apples, pears, and peaches) that you never thought could grow in your subtropical backyard. Find sources for exotic edibles as well as valuable tips to keep them free of pests and producing for years A wealth of sumptuous and nutritious recipes, including drinks, main courses, desserts, relishes, jams, and jellies, are sure to inspire you to serve your...

Tough Plants For Northern Gardens: Low Care, No Care, Tried and True Winners
Felder Rushing
February 2004
Book Description

The northern garden, with its unique growing conditions, presents gardeners with a major challenge. Many popular plants simply do not grow well in colder climates. Now, this easy-to-use guide for northern gardens gives you step-by-step instructions on choosing and caring for more than 150 low-maintenance plants and shrubs that thrive in colder climates including… Annuals Perennials Vines Shrubs Trees

In addition, you'll discover other important gardening basics for maximum results… The benefits of one-time soil preparation The secret of summer and winter mulching The "less is more" fertilization technique that keeps your plants in perfect shape The best methods for irrigation Tips on keeping your plants pest free without over-using traditional pest controls

Tough Plants for...

The Woodchuck's Guide to Gardening
Ron Krupp
January 2001
Will Rapp, Founder and CEO of Gardener’s Supply Company
Part gardening primer, part map for your own gardening journey, part guide to the universe.

"“Ron Krupp is a master — of gardening and storytelling. The Woodchuck’s Guide to Gardening is a critical resource for beginning and experienced gardeners who need seasoned, practical ideas. Ron has a deep respect for the power of the seed and the importance of healthy soil. He shares his lessons through poetry, wit and prose.” — Enid Wonnacutt, Executive Director, Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont "

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Growing Perennials in Cold Climates
Mike Heger
November 1998
From Booklist
Cold climates, so the authors define, are regions in which winter temperatures can fall below 20 degrees. They list 50 of the most popular perennial groups and, within these groups, give details on 1,700 wild and cultivated varieties best suited to cold climates. There are in-depth profiles of each plant group and descriptions and specific growing details on each variety. Site, light, soil, and moisture requirements are given, along with instructions on planting, caring, and propagation. The authors also offer tips on using the plants as cut-and-dried flowers and on choosing companion plants. Part 2, "The Basics of Growing Perennials," is a crash course in perennial gardening, giving advice on preparing a site, buying potted perennials, composting, watering, mulching, fertilizing, weeding, staking, deadheading, pruning,...

Landscape Plants for Eastern North America: Exclusive of Florida and the Immediate Gulf Coast
Harrison L. Flint
April 1997
Textbook Hardcover
Book Description
"Fill[s] a significant void in the literature on ornamental plant usage.... [The book] is a valuable text and reference work for advanced students, professional plantsmen, and landscape architects and is a welcome addition to the literature." —American Society of Horticultural Science

"This is not only a textbook but a valuable reference work for anyone involved with landscape plants." —American Horticulturalist

Here is the definitive one-stop survey of more than 1500 woody ornamental plants and 2500 cultivars of eastern North America for students and professionals in landscape architecture and design, horticulture, and urban forestry. Written by an esteemed authority in the field, this book includes: Greatly expanded coverage of plant species, including significantly increased attention to...

Landscaping 1-2-3: Regional Edition Zones 2-4
Jo Kellum
March 2001
Book Description
Specific edition for colder climates tells gardeners everything they need to know about landscaping.

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