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Lemurs of Madagascar and the Comoros: The Iucn Red Data Book (The/Iucn Red Data Book)
Caroline Harcourt
June 1990

Historical Dictionary of the Comoro Islands
Martin Ottenheimer
June 1994
Book Description
Islands of stark contrasts and complex syncretisms, the comoros hold a major key to the history of the western Indian Ocean area. An invaluable resource for anyone interested in the history, economics, cultures, languages, geography, geology, or politics of the western Indian Ocean.

About the Author
Martin Ottenheimer (Ph.D., Anthropology, Tulane University; M.A., Philosophy, Tulane University; B.S., Philosophy, Renselaer Polytechnic Institute) is Professor of Anthropology at Kansas State University. He has lived in the Comoro Islands and published numerous articles about them. Professor Ottenheimer has also co-published a Folkways Album containing a sample of music from the island of Nzwani and "Marriage in Domoni", a book describing social life in a historical settlement of...

Comoros Country Study Guide
Manufactured by International Business Publications
August 2005
Book Description
Geography, history, people, language, culture, traditions, economy, government, politics, constitution, places to visit, info for travelers…

Amphibians and Reptiles of Madagascar and the Mascarene, Seychelles, and the Comoro Islands
Wolfgang Schmidt
August 2000
Book Description
With their unique flora and fauna, Madagascar and the nearby islands in the Indian Ocean region are among the most interesting destinations for professional and amateur naturalists, herpetologists, and those keeping amphibians and reptiles as pets. This work is a very accessible guide to the herpetofauna of the area and comes complete with information on the regional climate and vegetation, as well as with information on vivarium care. Descriptions of 240 species of frogs, turtles and tortoises, chameleons, geckos, iguanas and agamas, skinks, and snakes are provided. For each species, the description includes information on distribution, habitat, characteristic features, as well as some general comments on natural history. Two hundred sixty-nine high quality color photographs simplify identification. Final...

Executive Report on Strategies in Comoros, 2000 edition (Strategic Planning Series)
The Comoros Research Group, The Comoros Research Group
bound - November 2, 2000
Book Description
Comoros has recently come to the attention to global strategic planners. This report puts these executives on the fast track. Ten chapters provide: an overview of how to strategically access this important market, a discussion on economic fundamentals, marketing & distribution options, export and direct investment options, and full risk assessments (political, cultural, legal, human resources). Ample statistical benchmarks and comparative graphs are given.

From the Publisher
Our publications provide timely and reliable market information as a complement to strategic planning processes. For a price well below the cost of a round-trip business-class ticket, the executive has access to the basic factors driving strategic planning. As such, our reports are a 'one-stop' shop by...

Swahili and Sabaki: A Linguistic History
Derek Nurse
November 1993
Book Description
The Sabaki languages form a major Bantu subgroup and are spoken by 35 million East Africans in Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, and the Comoro Islands. The authors provide a historical/comparative treatment of Swahili (and other Sabaki languages), an account of the relationship of Swahili to Sabaki and to other Bantu languages, and some data on contemporary Sabaki languages. Data sets, appendices, maps, and figures present essential information on phonology, lexical makeup, and tense/aspect morphology. The final chapter is a synthesis describing the linguistic and historical relationship of the Sabaki dialects to each other and to hypothetical proto-stages.

Hunting Pirate Heaven: In Search of the Lost Pirate Utopias of the Indian Ocean
Kevin Rushby
September 2003
From Publishers Weekly
As difficult as it is to make a good pirate movie, it's almost as hard to write a good nonfiction book about pirates. Rushby (Children of Kali; Eating the Flowers of Paradise; etc.) has overcome the obstacle most writers on the subject come up against (i.e., the impossible task of separating a few hard grains of truth from the clouds of fantasy and wish-fulfillment that have always surrounded the subject) by simply venturing to the places pirates used to call home and looking around. A rough-and-tumble adventurer who's more than willing to poke fun at his na‹vet‚ and inexperience (despite the long list of adventure travel books to his credit), Rushby journeys to the islands around East Africa and Madagascar in search of the old pirate redoubts once hidden there. He follows pirate legends via a...

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