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Liechtenstein: A Modern History
David Beattie
April 2004
Book Description
Liechtenstein--an Alpine curiosity? A haven for financial criminals? Or a success story in modern Europe? This book examines the reality behind the clichés. Liechtenstein's history has been dramatic and precarious. Several times it was in danger of vanishing from the map, most recently in 1939 when local Nazis tried to seize power and swallow the Principality into the Third Reich. Liechtenstein has a tiny population, no natural resources and the image of a less-than-serious fairy-tale kingdom with dubious banking laws which have often proved the bane of international tax authorities. But since the 1940s Liechtenstein has actually transformed itself into one of the most advanced hi-technology countries in Europe. This fascinating book charts the story of one of the world's most unlikely countries, revealing a...

Secrets of the Seven Smallest States of Europe: Andorra, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, San Marino and Vatican City
Thomas Eccardt
June 2004

Noble Bondsmen: Ministerial Marriages in the Archdiocese of Salzburg, 1100-1343
John B. Freed
May 1995
Book Description
"A fascinating and very original book, based on an enormous amount of primary research. Freed is a leading authority on the ministerials of the Holy Roman Empire, who kept their servile status even while becoming the de facto aristocracy of their regions."--Constance Brittain Bouchard, author of "Strong of Body, Brave and Noble": Chivalry and Society in Medieval France Freed documents the network of marriage practices among ministerials in the archdiocese of Salzburg and in the process reconstructs an important and previously unexplored chapter in the rise of the German principalities.

Italian Glass: Murano Milan 1930-1970 : The Collection of the Steinberg Foundation
Helmut Ricke, Eva Schmitt (Editor)

Language Notes
Text: English (translation)
Original Language: German

Service of Ladies: An Autobiography
Ulrich Von Lichtenstein
October 2004
A charming and entertaining account of chivalric life and courtly love in the thirteenth century, punctuated with delightful love songs and letters.... A ripping good yarn! MEDIEVAL HISTORY

Book Description
Ulrich von Liechtenstein's extraordinary account of his adventures as a knight-errant is one of the most vivid images of chivalric life to have come down to us. His knightly autobiography was written in the mid-thirteenth century, and gives an account of the 'journey of Venus' which he undertook in 1226 in honour of his lady, in which he claimed to have broken 307 spears in jousts against all comers in the space of a month. Some of it is obviously quietly exaggerated, written for his friends' entertainment many years later, and he is not above a sly dig at the conventions of courtly...

Escape to Liechtenstein (The Young Refugees, Book 1)
Ed Dunlop
January 23, 2004

Marcantonio Franceschini and the Liechtensteins : Prince Johann Adam Andreas and the Decoration of the Liechtenstein Garden Palace at Rossau-Vienna (Cambridge Studies in the History of Art)
Dwight C. Miller, et al

Book Description
This is a lavishly illustrated account of one of the most engrossing episodes in the history of Baroque Italian painting and art patronage: the project to decorate the five state rooms in the Garden Palace of the House of Liechtenstein with large paintings illustrating tales of the goddesses Venus and Diana. The two main protagonists were the then reigning head of the Liechtenstein family, Prince Johan Adam Andreas, and the Bolognese painter Marcantonio Franceschini. This study gives a detailed account of this vast project, based primarily on the correspondence between the two men with a complete illustration of all the works and preparatory studies. Also included are a succinct account of Franceschini's career, an analysis of his artistic style, and a commentary on the collecting activities and taste of the...

Liechtenstein;: History and institutions of the principality
Pierre Raton


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