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The Book of All Flesh
C. Dean Anderson
Mar 2006
Book Description
The dead have risen. God help the living. It's too late to run. The zombies are everywhere. They stalk through urban jungles and across the carefully manicured lawns of suburbia. They shudder to unlife on the bloodiest battlefields of the Civil War and in the deepest tunnels of interstellar mining colonies. They lurk on your street, in you company boardroom, in your own bedroom. And they hunger.

About the Author
Under the guidance of editor James Lowder, The Book of All Flesh presents more than two dozen original tales of zombie horror, including works from several hot authors: Ed Greenwood, creator of the popular Forgotten Realms fantasy setting (soon to be showcased in a syndicated television series), and author of best-selling books for Wizards of the Coast and Tor. L. J....

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