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The Amityville Horror
Jay Anson
Apr 2005

Tales from the Cubs Dugout
Pete Cara (Editor)
May 2000
From Library Journal
The lore of two storied franchises that haven't won a championship in the lifetimes of most readers is addressed in these volumes. Both teams have a wide and devoted following. These books make for light and breezy reading as they are basically compilations of anecdotes, some off-color, and odd facts about the greats and lesser-known players. Arranged alphabetically by last name, the anecdotes are separated and bordered by graphics of baseballs. Some illustrations of players also appear throughout. The humor of the books should appeal to young adults as well as their parents. The anecdotes strive to be insightful, though some readers might consider the stories to be bland at best. These books are optional purchases that regional libraries may consider. [The Red Sox's last World Series championship came at the...

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