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The Talisman
Jonathan Aycliffe
May 2001
From Publishers Weekly
British author Aycliffe (Naomi's Room) generates some genuine fear in the early chapters of this briskly paced if meandering horror novel, but he reveals too much too soon, rendering the rest of the story anticlimactic where tension should be mounting. After a prologue in which medieval Muslims hide a satanic idol in a soon-to-be-buried Babylonian sanctuary, the action shifts to modern-day London, where Tom Alton, a Mesopotamian scholar, has just taken a job as a British Museum curator. An archeologist friend, Ed Monelli, arrives in town to donate to the museum an extraordinary and eerie statue of Satan, discovered by Ed's archeologist wife shortly before her mysterious death. Tom accepts the gift, though the statue, kept briefly at the Alton home, has troubling effects on his wife, Nicola, and his young stepson,...

A Garden Lost in Time
Jonathan Aycliffe
July 2004
Large Print Hardcover
Kirkus Reviews
Brevity breeds tight storytelling, with a final muted twist that proves just enough." --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

Book Description
Cornwall, 1917. After the death of his father, fifteen-year-old Simon Lysaght is sent to live with his uncle, Sir David Trevelyan, at their estate house, Trevelyan Priors. His uncle is an imposing man and Simon feels ill at ease in this large and forbidding house. On his first day he discovers there have been a number of family suicides and his cousin William, who is crippled and bed-ridden, warns him never to wander the corridors after dark. While exploring the grounds after a day of heavy snow, Simon discovers a track of fresh footprints in an enclosed garden, long abandoned and overgrows. Who do they belong to, and how...

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