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The Monster Book (Buffy the Vampire Slayer Series)
Christopher Golden
August 2000
From Booklist
Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer watch the show for a number of reasons, one of which is certainly the various creatures that show up every week. Golden, the author of many other Buffy books, and his coauthors have compiled a guide to the monsters that have appeared on the show, from menacing demons, hellhounds, and the most prominent of the show's many vampires to friendly regulars who happen to be supernatural, such as the tortured vampire Angel (who now has his own show) and werewolf Oz. What makes the book unique is that it includes, in addition to interviews with the creator of the show and many of the writers, the history of demons, vampires, ghosts, and others in folklore, literature, television, movies, and pop culture. Fans will enjoy the details and behind-the-scenes info, while those looking to...

Stephen R. Bissette
Apr 1992
Book Review
This is the first in a series of graphic story albums based on the popular motion pictures of the same name, with each volume bringing together a well-known writer and artist. Aliens: Tribes debuted the first major literary work of Stephen R. Bissette, an award-winning comic book artist universally recognized for his artwork on Swamp Thing. Bissette's take on the movie series is to lock us into an orbiting medical facility infested with a horde of aliens. The only way they can be destroyed is to unleash upon them a specially trained military cleanup crew programmed to be even more ruthless than the aliens. Bissette displays an instinctive talent for writing gripping, visceral prose equal to his talents as a horror artist. The volume is further complemented by the magnificent full-color paintings of another award-winning...

Green Mountain Cinema I: Green Mountain Boys
Stephen R. Bissette (Editor)
October 2004

Video Watchdog Book
Tim Lucas
September 1992

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