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Randall Boyll
May 2000
From Publishers Weekly
Believers of reincarnation, what are the odds that Adolf Hitler is alive, in a new form, somewhere? It's a killer premise, and Boyll rides it for all it's worth in this engaging debut novel of mistaken identity and media frenzy--until the tepid conclusion flatly dissipates the intrigue. Hank Thorwald, a professor in Terre Haute, Ind., agrees to undergo hypnosis at his friend Perry Miller's party, but the gag turns ugly when Hank is led to reveal that he is the incarnation of Adolf Hitler. Thanks to the presence at the party of TV personality Alan Weston (Indiana's version of Howard Stern), Hank becomes a tabloid sensation and soon the hub of catastrophes both tragic and ludicrous, ruining the Thorwald family's life. Hank's wife, Rebecca, is a sharp-tongued, believable heroine who tries mightily to clear Hank's...

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