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Bentley Little
November 2000
Mass Market Paperback
From Publishers Weekly
The overwhelming sense of doom with which Little (The Revelation) imbues his newest novel is so palpable it seems to rise from the book like mist. Flowing seamlessly between time and place (from the present-day hassles of HMOs to the once-uncharted territory of the American West), the Bram Stoker Award- winning author's ability to transfix his audience while relinquishing scant details about the foreboding evil is superb. Private investigator Miles Huerdeen is on a mission to find a link between the victims in a bizarre nationwide string of deaths dating back decades, his own recurring nightmares and an elderly client's prophetic handwritten list of dead men's names. Miles's world is suddenly turned upside down when he discovers his own fatherDwho suffered a fatal strokeDpurposefully striding around his bedroom,...

Mind Grabber
Gary Brandner
June 1987

Gary Brandner
July 1999
From Publishers Weekly
A strong stomach and even stronger suspension of disbelief are mandatory to get through this far-fetched tale of a zombie on the rampage in rural Wisconsin. That's where California teen Kyle Brubaker is stuck for the summer, pining for the beach while helping out on his disabled Uncle Bob's farm. The fates are cruel to Kyle: his plans to seduce Marianne Avery, his absent cousin's fianc e, are rudely shattered by the vicious Gerstner brothers, who pay him back for breaking up their fight with a Gypsy boy by gang-raping Marianne and beating up Kyle. When the distraught Kyle crashes his car, Marianne, in the passenger seat, is killed. Deliverance seems at hand when the Mysterious Dorando, the Gypsy boy's grateful father, revives the girl at Kyle's request. But Marianne is merely reanimated, not brought back to life,...

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