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The Face That Must Die
Ramsey Campbell
Aug 2006
Book Description

Ramsey Campbell's daring look into the mind of a psychotic killer was published in truncated form in 1979; an expanded edition was later published in 1982. The paranoid outlook of the book¹s main character, Horridge, is a grim commentary on a bleak Liverpool suburb and Thatcher-era England. Millipede Press is proud to present this masterpiece of paranoia literature in a brand new edition, with the corrected text by Campbell and the compelling photographs of J.K. Potter.

Ramsey Campbell is Britain's most respected living horror writer. He has been given more awards than any other writer in the field, including the Grand Master Award of the World Horror Convention and the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Horror Writers Asssociation, as well as numerous World Fantasy Awards.


Conference with the Dead
Terry Lamsley
May 2005
Book Description
Originally published in a 500 copy edition by Ash-Tree Press, Terry Lamsley's Conference with the Dead has long remained almost unobtainable. A nominee for the World Fantasy Award, and winner of the International Horror Guild Award, this chilling collection of ghost stories set in England has remained out of print for far too long. Contents: * Introduction by Ramsey Campbell * Walking the Dog * Blade and Bone * The Break * Someone to Dump On * Running in the Family * Screens * The Toddler * The Outer Darkness * Inheritance * The Extension

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