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The Supernatural Index: A Listing of Fantasy, Supernatural, Occult, Weird, and Horror Anthologies
Mike Ashley
May 1995
From Booklist
" The goal of this reference is to list all English language anthologies of supernatural and fantastic stories." If the editors do not succeed, they make a gallant try. The work indexes more than 2,100 anthologies containing more than 21,300 stories by 7,700 writers. Editors range from Alfred Hitchcock and Isaac Asimov to Bennett Cerf. The indefatigable anthologists Martin Greenberg and Peter Haining have pages of their own, as do prolific or much-anthologized writers like Ray Bradbury and H. P. Lovecraft.The book is in five main sections: editor list, book-title list, author index, story-title index, and book contents, which lists every story in each anthology. The author and story indexes are very thorough, indicating first publication in a periodical, when appropriate. Two appendixes give a list of associational works...

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