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Spooky Stories
Caroline Repchuck
August 2003

Freeing the Baltic
Geoffrey Bennett
April 2002
Book Description
In 1919, the Baltic was in ferment. The Red Army struggled to take over the nascent Baltic States; Finland was in revolt; German armies, attempting to conquer a realm in the east to compensate for defeat in the west, rampaged through Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. As White armies marched on revolutionary Petrograd, the new governments of the Baltic states appealed desperately to the Allies for assistance.

. Cowan was given no clear instructions from the British Admiralty as to what he was expected to achieve, and, as negotiations continued through the Armistice, he effectively had to make his own policy. He succeeded to devastating effect. Despite having only a tiny force, he succeeded in improvising one of the most daring raids ever staged by the British navy - an attack which penetrated into the heart of...

See No Evil: The Backstage Battle over Sex and Violence on Television
Geoffrey Cowan
March 1980

Top Secret: The Batt

Los Angeles Times
In 1992, LATW was awarded The Corporation for Public Broadcasting's gold and silver awards for Best Live Entertainment and Technical Achievement in Public Radio for "The Play's the Thing" TOP

At a time when an hour of episodic televsion routinely costs $1.5 million, when Broadway producers must raise $1 million or more to stage a modest play, and when even a low-budget movie may cost many times that amount, the low entry costs of radio production - as little as $20,000 for a decent hour of drama, equal to the costs of the credits for a journeyman television show - seem almost quaint. The advantages of producing radio theater go beyond simple economic expediencies. Since unlike most prime-time television dramas, radio productions need not be overly broad in their appeal...

Bearing False Witness : An Introduction to the Christian Countercult
Douglas E. Cowan
May 2003
“Despite growing religious pluralism in the United States, the countercult movement flourishes by attacking other religions in an attempt to show that most nonevangelical expressions of religion are untrue....This book represents a valuable contribution to understanding the worldview that motivates the countercult movement. Recommended. All levels.”–Choice
“We gain real insights into how particular foreign policy-related events took place and how, at a more general level, aspects of the system operate. We are given fresh understandings of the Republican advantage in maintaining control over media framings compared to the Democrats....All will not agree with the empirical conclusions, the recommendation, or the awkward stretch toward the New Model. But the analyses are rich, the writing is clear, and...

Religion on the Internet, Vol. 8
Jeffrey K.. Hadden (Editor)
February 2001
Book Description
Religion on the Internet is the first systematic inquiry into the nature, scope and content of religion in cyberspace. Contributors to this volume include leading social scientists engaged in systematic studies of how organizations and individuals are presenting religion on the Internet. Their combined efforts provide a conceptual mapping of religion in cyberspace at this moment. The individual papers and collective insights found in this volume add up to a valuable agenda of research that will enrich understanding of this new phenomenon. Among the contributors are the founders of three of the most important scholarly religion web sites on the Internet: American Religion Data Archive, Religious Tolerance, and Religious Movements Homepage.
Religion and the Internet is essential reading for all who seek to understand...

Farewell Cinderella: Creating Arts and Identity in Western Australia
Jan Ryan (Editor)
April 2003

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