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Hallelujah Handel
Douglas Cowling
October 2003
From School Library Journal
Grade 3-5-This story is the vehicle for connecting Handel's Messiah with the Foundling Hospital to which he left the score after his death. Thomas is a street child in 18th-century London, mute except for a beautiful singing voice exploited by the Keeper, who uses children for his own greedy aims. George Frideric Handel has pleased the King with his joyful compositions and is recognized wherever he goes. Thomas and his friends first come to Handel's attention when they carry his harpsichord from the royal barge. Handel decides he can help Thomas and goes in search of him among the street children, only to learn that he has disappeared. He sets off with a group of children to find him, following clues that ultimately lead them to the opera house where, backstage, they find the boy singing "like a lost, lonely...

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