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Ben Jonson
April 1999
Medieval and Renaissance Drama in England
A solid and useful book.

...a solid and useful book. Medieval and Renaissance Drama in England

Quality Facility Management
Stormy Friday
Sept 1994
Book Description
As a facility manager, you're concerned with building quality into your operation but possibly unsure about how to go about it in a systematic way. Perhaps it's because a Total Quality Management program seems too imposing and costly for your department to undertake. Or maybe you're leery of certain aspects of such a concerted effort, like measuring quality or marketing facility services, because they've never been adequately explained to you.

Possessing considerable backgrounds in facility management, Stormy Friday and Dave Cotts understand these uncertainties. In Quality Facility Management, they have pooled their knowledge and experience to develop a comprehensive resource that demystifies the quality movement and shows you how to apply the old-fashioned but enduring commonsense principles of quality...

The Facility Management Handbook
David G. Cotts
Jan 1997
Book Description
When a company's facilities are intelligently, cohesively managed -- rather than just haphazardly operated -- the results go straight to the bottom line. And given the high costs associated with facilities, the savings that good management brings are significant.

Now completely revised and updated, this bestseller covers the entire facility management arena, including:

** strategic facility business planning ** leadership ** managing the design process ** managing facility finances ** leasing ** operations, maintenance, and repair ** benchmarking, cost savings/avoidances, and more.

About the Author
DAVID G. COTTS, PE, CFM (Alexandria, VA) is the past president of the International Facility Management Association and a fellow of that organization. He is...

The Facility Manager's Guide to Finance and Budgeting
David Cotts
July 2003
Chief Engineer
"a thorough primer with real-world financial knowledge specifically tailored to use in a facility management context."

Book Description
Leaky faucets and cracked pavement aren't the only demands on a facility manager's time and energy. These days, they also need top-notch financial skills--to sell their department to senior management, to win funds for crucial projects, to become fully integrated into the organization. Sadly, most facility managers lack even fundamental financial skills. The Facility Manager's Guide to Finance and Budgeting is the first primer designed to teach them the ropes quickly, concisely, and with minimum pain. The book explains how to: * Understand the essential concepts of facility work programs and programmatic planning and budgeting *...

Electrically Conductive Organic Polymers for Advanced Applications
David B. Cotts
Apr 1987
Book Description
The properties of electrically conducting, semiconducting and semi-insulating polymers are surveyed and their conduction mechanisms, mechanical properties, and suitability for space-based use and other advanced applications are evaluated.

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