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Great American Suspense: 5 Classics
Read by Geraint Wyn Davies
April 2000
Book Description
This audiobook captures the rich language and dark atmosphere of five of the greatest stories by American horror writers. In "The Oval Portrait," an artist exchanges the life of his young bride for a painted image. In "The Upper Berth," apparent suicides lead to the most uncanny supernatural conclusions. These tales allow modern listeners to experience the magic of classic storytelling.

Great Classic Hauntings: 6 Unabridged Stories
Read by Geraint Wyn Davies
July 2000
From AudioFile
This mixed bag of classic horror features some remarkable writing and some so dated that they're more musty than "classic." Reader Geraint Wyn Davies shines in "The Body Snatchers" by Robert Louis Stevenson--capturing perfectly the regional accents and the gripping horror of two doctors deep in a plot that threatens their sanity. His rendition of Edgar Allen Poe's "The Fall of the House of Usher" is melodramatic and overwrought, and a poor choice for this collection. His delicate handling of Washington Irving's "Adventure of the German Student," a brief but memorable piece, is ideal for the genre. Ambrose Bierce's "A Watcher by the Dead" is a masterful classic that will raise an appropriate number of goose bumps. D.J.B. © AudioFile 2003, Portland, Maine-- Copyright © AudioFile, Portland, Maine

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