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The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction
Edward L. Ferman
Oct 1999
Book Review
In 1949, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction was founded upon two radical principles: to publish SF and fantasy in one volume and to emphasize literary quality. Fifty years later, F&SF is still going strong--indeed, it is the most acclaimed of SF's longest-running magazines. In honor of this achievement, publisher Edward L. Ferman and editor Gordon Van Gelder have assembled many of F&SF's finest stories from the preceding five years for The Best from Fantasy & Science Fiction: The Fiftieth Anniversary Anthology.

In Hugo Award winner Bruce Sterling's droll "Maneki Neko," a U.S. agent battles a perplexing, worldwide Net conspiracy. In World Fantasy Award winner John Crowley's insightful "Gone," alien invaders present earth with a mysterious and compelling choice. In Maureen F. McHugh's thought-provoking, Hugo-winning...

Magazine of "Fantasy and Science Fiction," April 1965
Edward L. Ferman (Editor)
July 1981

Fantastic Fantasy Cartoons
James B. King
December 1992

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