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Dream Thieves
Steven Lee Lee Climer
December 2001
Lisa DuMond for SF Site
"Climer's novel is genuine horror, told in an almost baroque style that occasionally lulls the reader into a false sense of security as the charming Bavarian landscape flows by. And yanks you back with a claw to the throat. At times, the events are so disturbing, pulling away seems the only decent action." (Lisa DuMond for SF Site) --This text refers to the Diskette edition.

Affaire de Coeur, June 1998
"Dream Thieves evokes the feeling of Lovecraftian dark fantasy. Steven Lee Climer's words are hauntingly poetic, his plot masterful, and his imagination seemingly unbounded. 5 Stars!" --This text refers to the Diskette edition.

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Fear of the Unknown
Kfir Luzzatto (Editor)
April 2005
Midwest Book Reviews
"...thirteen outstandingly horrific stories of madness, mayhem, murder, contagion, and the occult."

Book Description
A chill wind blows through the thirteen stories in this new collection. It rustles dead cornfields and diseased grapevines, travels through dark train tunnels and small railside towns, brushes across the killing floor of an abandoned LA shop and tugs at the garments of the bouncer at Death's own nightclub... It whispers around a red box in a stranger's lap and rattles the door of an isolated compound in a death-filled land... It carries the plaintive notes of a piano and the screaming wail of an electric guitar, the sobbing of babies, the murmur of psychiatrists, and the laughter of Satan ... and everywhere the wind blows, it brings madness, murder, and...

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