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Scottish Girls About Town
Jenny Colgan (Editor)
February 2004
Book Description
Meet the Clanswomen...International bestselling authors Jenny Colgan, Isla Dewar, and Muriel Gray lead off this dazzling collection of stories by popular and rising Scottish women authors. A sometimes wild, sometimes poignant romp through the lives of Scotswomen, Scottish Girls About Town revels in the universal hilarity and strife of being a girl!They're looking for something moor.In Jenny Colgan's "The Fringes," a hapless heroine heads to the Edinburgh "Fringe" -- a massive theatrical and musical festival -- for a night of her own disastrous drama. Isla Dewar offers up "In the Garden of Mrs. Pink," one woman's look back at her girlhood and the life lessons she learned from an eccentric neighbor. In Muriel Gray's "School-Gate Mums," a single mother with killer instincts settles the score with one of the mothers at...

Winning at Work: Breaking Free of Personal Traps to Find Success in the New WorkPlace
Mel Sandler
June 1999
Soundview Executive Book Summaries, July 1999
The authors recognize that changing an attitude in the face of injustice is not easy. Breaking free of denial takes work. But their message is clear and compelling: people have no choice. Winning at Work is a valuable reference for any manager or a manager's employees who feel angry, bitter, or bewildered about the new unpredictable workplace.

Cleveland Plain Dealer, August 22, 1999
Winners don't whine and whiners don't win. And, as everyone know, whiners outnumber the winners in the workplace. The question employers ask is: "How do we convert some of those whiners into winners?" The easiest way may be to give all the company's workers a copy of Winning at Work. The reason for making the book a gift is because whiners usually don't buy...

The Scottish Novel Since The Seventies: New Vision, Old Dreams
Gavin Wallace (Editor)
September 1993

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