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Knife Edge
Shaun Hutson
March 1998
Book Description
Peace in Northern Ireland brings counter-terrorist Sean Doyle back to the UK and leaves British soldiers like Robert Neville bored and frustrated. When Neville's wife leaves him, he determines to get her back, using his military skill to detonate a device every hour until his demands are met.

From the Publisher
When Sean Doyle receives his first message from Robert Neville, he has only seven hours in which to save London, and the Northern Ireland peace process, from disaster. Neville is an explosives expert in the British Army, but peace in the Province has ripped a hole in his life. His demands are simple: to be re–united with his daughter Lisa. His threats are terrifying: a series of bombs to be detonated in the center of the Capital every hour until he has the girl....

Shaun Hutson
April 1998
Book Description
Ex-model Amy has her own radio show with a popular phone-in slot. When two prostitutes are murdered after a caller has admitted to fantasies of rape, Amy begins to suspect that the man she loves, who lives beneath her flat, may be a murderer. A call to her programme informs her that she is next. --This text refers to the Paperback edition.

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