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Carved In Rock: Short Stories by Musicians
Greg Kihn
February 2003
From Publishers Weekly
Rock legends trade their electric guitars for pen and paper in this story collection assembled by musician, deejay and novelist Kihn (Horror Show). The collection features new and previously published literary morsels in a variety of genres from luminaries like Pete Townsend, Robyn Hitchcock and Steve Wynn. An excerpt from Irish-American rocker Larry Kirwan's comic novel, Liverpool Fantasy, stars the Beatles themselves, at the pivotal moment when they fire manager Brian Epstein. Punk pioneer Richard Hell delivers another excerpt, a sexy, gothic yarn about a closeted poet from A Novel in Progress, and Kinks founder Ray Davies details an afternoon shared by a painter and his battered model in the troubling "A Little Bit of Abuse." The shorter entries are just as entertaining. "Vampires make lousy lovers. They got...

Crimes of Passion
Jeff Gelb (Editor)
September 2005
Mass Market Paperback
Book Review
This ninth installment in the Hot Blood series shows no sign of flagging imagination on the part of the contributors--not surprisingly, because the concept of erotic horror encompasses everything dark and sensual that can happen between two beings (human or otherwise). In fact, in a time when only a few original (or mostly original) anthologies are published each year, Jeff Gelb's and Michael Garrett's has become one to bank on. The 13 stories in Crimes of Passion include three reprints (all from relatively obscure publications such as The Ontario Review) and 11 original tales, by such authors as Ramsey Campbell, Greg Kihn, Lawrence Block, Brian Hodge, Brian Lumley, Tom Piccirilli, and Joyce Carol Oates. There's not a bad story in the bunch, and several are strikingly effective--such as Kihn's acid-tripping nightmare in late...

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