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Films Into Books
Randall D. Larson
Apr 1995
From Library Journal
Turning film or TV scripts into novels is a peculiar literary subgenre. But it's not just a recent phenomenon-King Kong (1933) being an early example. To capture the scope and examine the idiosyncrasies of this form, Larson (Film Music from Around the World, Borgo Pr., 1987) divides the book into three sections: a brief introduction, short interviews with 50 contemporary practitioners, and an immense bibliography, organized by film, book title, and author. Throughout, Larson is amazingly thorough and always candid about the form's limitations. However, the high price combined with the fact that many of these books are just marketing tools with short shelf lives recommend this only for larger collections.Thomas Wiener, formerly with "American Film"Copyright 1995 Reed Business Information, Inc.


Music from the House of Hammer: Music in the Hammer Horror Films, 1950-1980
Randall D. Larson
December 1996
Book Description
Hammer Film Productions produced Horror/Fantasy films with a unique sound. The musicians and the work they did are chronicled here in careful detail.

About the Author
Randall D. Larson has written a number of books, articles, and papers on film music, film novelizations, and horror literature.

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