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In the Land of the Marquis: An English Family in Northern Spain
Kenneth McKenney
October 2005
Book Description
When author Kenneth McKenney, his wife, and their two young children moved to Comillas in northern Spain, they knew nothing about the town.

The McKenneys soon discover that Comillas was converted from a fishing village to a treasury of neo-Gothic architecture by one man—the first Marquis of Comillas—who convinced the King of Spain to stay and call his parliament there. During the McKenneys’ explorations many more intriguing tales of the town were revealed. Close by are the caves of Altamira, with some of the finest rock paintings in the world, discovered when a man lost his dog. There is the beach where the second transatlantic crossing landed—by mistake. And high in the hills is the village of Garabandal, where four girls had visions of the Virgin Mary, and where a miracle is still expected.


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