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Killer Cocktails: An Intoxicating Guide to Sophisticated Drinking
David Wondrich
May 2005
Book Description
Killer Cocktails is a unique hands-free, stand-up guide with all the advice and guidelines you need to set up a home bar and learn the art of mixing cocktails the right way. The drinks you'll find in here avoid novelty products, artificial flavors, and colors not found in nature. They're heavy on tradition and light on trendiness. You also might learn a thing or two, from the origins of the John Collins (no Toms, Dicks, or Harrys here) to why the Daiquiri should be resurrected from its status as the wimp of all cocktails (it was JFK's fave, after all). And that's not all. While respecting the traditions of balance and simplicity that our mixological forefathers founded, Killer Cocktails also shows you how to be creative. First you master the basics and only then can you start substituting vanilla vodka...

Ending War: The Force of Reason
Maxwell Bruce (Editor)
November 1999
Book Description
The year of 1945 saw both the dawning of the age of nuclear weapons and the creation of the United Nations for the maintenance of world peace. Compared with the huge and continuing outlays of time and money on research and development of weapons since that date, little effort has been devoted to ways of ridding mankind of war and its armaments. Ending War contains fifteen essays on this topic, written by world renowned political thinkers and scientists including Robert S. McNamara and Mikhail Gorbachev.

Godard on Godard: Critical Writings by Jean-Luc Godard
Jean-Luc Godard
March 1986
Language Notes
Text: English, French (translation)

The Overlook Film Encyclopedia
Tom Milne
Sept 1994
From Library Journal
Just in time for Halloween comes an updated edition of Overlook's 1986 encyclopedia of horror films. The book offers a year-by-year chronology from 1912 to 1992 of all films of the genre whether foreign or domestic. The book's appendixes offer bits of horror trivia, and the text is punctuated with 450 black-and-white stills and 16 pages of color photos.Copyright 1994 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Pyrolysis Oils from Biomass: Producing, Analyzing, and Upgrading
Ed J. Soltes (Editor)
October 1988
Book Description
Brings together specialists to present the state-of-the-science in the complete fuel cycle--from feedstock to upgraded liquid fuels suitable for replacements for petroleum-derived fuels. Offers a discussion of biomass pyrolysis and its place in the renewable fuel economy. Presents the
technology of pyrolysis oil production. Describes analysis of the oils by characterization, kinetics, and chromatographic techniques. Concludes with a discussion of upgrading pyrolysis oils to liquid fuels.

SourceBook of Methods of Analysis for Biomass and Biomass Conversion Processes
Thomas A. Milne
January 1990

Short Stories for Students 22, Vol. 22
Ira Mark Mark Milne (Editor)
November 2005

Films of the 1920s
Richard Dyer MacCann
December 1996
Book Description
Contains essays and articles from seventeen noted film studies experts. Chapters provide the reader with a well-rounded view of the societal influences that inspired the films and the techniques that directors, filmmakers, and actors used to portray the world around them.

About the Author
Richard Dyer MacCann is the author of well over forty published articles and twelve books. He has served as the Hollywood correspondent for the "Christian Science Monitor" and as editor of "Cinema Journal". He has produced five works on film and two video series, which include half-hour lectures that coordinate with the books in this series.

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